Where the hell are the "Save the Huntridge Theater" people?

Aside from taking me into the heart of our Las Vegas Ghettos on a daily basis, my job forces me to go into neighborhoods in Vegas that I have never even entered before in my entire existence of living here. It also takes me through places that I hadn't been to in a long time, causing great stabs of nostalgic pain in my heart from certain memories and experiences. So yesterday I'm driving down Maryland Parkway and hit my old stomping grounds of Charleston and MP. Of course right on the corner is the historic Huntridge Theater. Now I knew it had been closed down and in bad shape for a while now but nothing prepared me for the state that it is in today. It is completely run down, tagged with graffiti, and apparently the sewage and power has been completely destroyed by it's now homeless inhabitants. I almost rammed right into the Toyota in front of me because I was so shocked! The Huntridge theater isn't just known for the Rock and Roll memories of my past, it is truly a Las Vegas Historical site. Opening in 1944 it was the first non-segregated theater in LV. It was originally built to accommodate the employees of the local factories who worked long shifts and then segwayed into being a theater that premiered movie's such as Sinatra's "Suddenly" where Frank himself sold tickets in it's box office......(You won't see Brat Pitt doing that these days will you?) It served as a theater for various artistic outlets and films. It eventually closed down, renovated, and reopened again. But the Huntridge I remember and now long for was completely different from it's old Hollywood hey day. The Huntridge was the place to go for dirty punk kids like me and my friends to see bands that wouldn't (or weren't allowed) to play anywhere else. Now these bands may not seem like big shit to kids now (or even then) but to us they were huge!! During my adolescence I was able to see The Vandals, NOFX, Voodoo Glow Skulls, The Misfits, Dead Kennedy's, Circle Jerks, Rancid, Suicidal Tendency's, Mike Ness etc. etc., all at the tiny little theater that always smelled like sweat, booze and week old crusted gelatin on mohawks. This was the first place that I learned the power of being a cute girl trying to get back stage at a concert. Where I learned that Jimmy Pop was willing to give an underage girl tons of shots of Jeger if you allowed him to sign your boobies and take pictures of them.....god help me where those photos eventually landed.......good jesus I was dumb. Ah, how I long for those days. For the sticky, Faygo drenched floors from the ICP concerts since The Huntridge was the only place in Vegas they were allowed to play. Also where took place the first and only time I ever danced on stage and looked out into the crowd to see what the band saw. To feel what they felt....hundreds of angry little punkers crowd surfing, throwing beer cups, punching each other in the face and making memories that will later make them ache for their youth. I even miss the little taco shop across the street that sold 59 cent tacos that gave you explosive diarrhea. But that is all gone now.Now after yesterday's little run in I decided to do some google research and find out why the fuck a historical and important theater is just sitting there rotting away in homeless piss. Turns out when it officially closed down in 2004 it was sold to the stupid mother fucker who owns the stupid annoying mattress store next door. Apparently the bastard boasted about reviving the little theater, and he (along with the supposed non-profit organization "friends of the Huntridge") even received more then a million dollars in grants to restore it. And now what has become of the idyllic theater? It's just fucking sitting there and the asshole owner refuses to do anything about it. And apparently because he received so much money in grants he cannot sell it or tear it down until 2018!!!......... 2018!!! Fuck it has to sit there for 8 more years, not only being an eye sore but a constant reminder that any reminisce left of old Las Vegas is completely obsolete. Now it's time to make way for City Centers, and more multi billion dollar theme casinos! It's like something out of a Margarate Atwood novel. Any sense of art and history will no longer be needed in Sin City. After all who gives a shit about the locals? The ones who have to actually live and work here and not just visit a resort casino for a alcohol induced weekend. So I ask, where is this "friends of the Huntridge" group now?? Last they updated anything on their site was in 08' and their other site savethehuntridge.com has vanished. I smell something bad brewing and I don't like it.....and believe me I'm not going to forget it either.


Tomorrow, Wendy By Concrete Blond (lyrics)

It is complete now the two ends of time are neatly tied.
A one-way street, she's walking to the end of the line.
And there she meets the faces she keeps in her heart and mind.

They say 'good bye' Tomorrow, Wendy, you're going to die.
They say 'good bye' Tomorrow, Wendy, you're going to die.

Underneath the chilly gray November sky
We can make believe that Kennedy is still alive and
We're shooting for the moon and smiling Jackie's driving by and

They say 'good try'
Tomorrow Wendy's going to die.
Tomorrow Wendy's going to die.

I told the priest, don't count on any second coming.
God got his ass kicked the first time he came down here slumming.
He had the balls to come, the gall to die and then forgive us.
No, I don't wonder why, I wonder what he thought it would get us.
Hey, hey, good bye.
Tomorrow Wendy's going to die.

Hey, hey, good bye.
Tomorrow Wendy's going to die.
Tomorrow Wendy's going to die.

Hey, hey, good bye.
Tomorrow Wendy's going to die.
Tomorrow Wendy's going to die.

Only God says jump,
So I set the time
'Cause if he ever saw her
It was through these eyes of mine!
And if he ever suffered it was me who did his crying.

Hey hey, good bye.
Tomorrow Wendy's going to die
(Tomorrow Wendy's going to die)
Tomorrow Wendy's going to die
(Tomorrow Wendy's going to die)
Tomorrow Wendy's going to die

Hey, hey, good bye
Tomorrow Wendy's going to die

Hey, hey, good bye
Tomorrow Wendy's going to die
Tomorrow Wendy's going to die
Tomorrow Wendy's going to die


Extending giveaway for Flirty Aprons

Going to extend the Flirty Aprons giveaway by another week in hopes Ill get more entries. Make sure to spread the word!


Images of the Week

One of my favorite people and artists.....Frida Kahlo


Whatever you may have thought of Michael,,,

If you have any respect for music as an art form, or music in general, or that the power of entertainment exists and can bring light and joy into life, then you realize what a loss this is. I'm not the type to indulge in the media-whoring that can occur when a celebrity dies (and believe me this is going to be a big one) but I am so completely shocked and saddened by this right now. I know everyone has their opinions (that may be negative most of the time) when it comes to Michael Jackson's life, but I honestly never believed that he hurt those kids in that way. I know it's off subject but I've always believed that he had the mind of a child. I mean it's all right in front of us. The poor guy didn't have a childhood at all. He had an abusive father that worked him to the bone before he even hit puberty, and he has been in the spot light ever since. He is literally the most famous music star in the ENTIRE world! I think he just so desperately wanted to have a child-hood that as an adult he recreated it, even by surrounding himself with children. I know many don't believe it, but I think those accuser's parents just wanted the money. Till the day I die I will never believe that someone who loved kids, helped kids, gave so much to kids, could hurt a kid in a way that was much worse then how he was hurt. And I don't care what anyone thinks of me for believing that.
Michael Jackson is a legend. He is up there with Elvis and The Beatles. He may not have made music lately but he still has the biggest following of all time. People would freaking pass out at his concerts and gather at his court-dates because they loved him so much. He changed the history of music as we know it and has inspired so many of the musicians we hear today. Just think of it (if you are a music lover). Just think about your life and your past in accordance with Michael Jackson's music. I remember being so little and being mesmerized by his music videos on MTV (when MTV was awesome). I remember looking forward to seeing what he was going to do next because even at a young age I knew he was something special. I remember Thriller scaring the shit outta me and my sister's playing the record to freak me out because the Vincent Price part was terrifying. I remember having the one silver glove, and seeing Captain Eo at Disney Land. And I remember dancing and singing my ass off every time one of his songs came on....and I still do that!
And don't get me started on his dance moves, because they are epic. NO ONE could or ever will be able to move the way he did. His creativity was a gift and a gift that he used well. He was a person not just a characature that we saw so many make fun of and imitate. He had a family, children, and fans who loved him. And his music has touched the world and almost every single person in it. And who the hell says what normal is anyway right? Michael Jackson leaves behind a life and legacy that can compare to no other and whatever he may have been suffering with lately no longer has to be endured. He will be missed.


If you get it....this film could change your life

I'm starting to wonder if I should have two blogs now. One for my review and giveaways and one that is really about things I dig and things I wanna share. But I don't think I'll have the time so some of yous are just going to have to bear with the mixture and if I can open a few people's tastes along the way then cool, if not then eff it.

I am a HUGE HUGE movie freak. I can't describe my love for movies in words. It almost exceeds my love for music. When I was younger I dreamed of being a film maker...honestly I still do, but that train obviously left the station a long time ago and will never happen. So in a dream world I would be a world famous screen writer and film-maker. I feel like I am constantly making a movie in my head and I use films to heal myself, change my mood, and just make me plain happy. I want to introduce those who may not know of it, to a little film called "Hedwig and the Angry Inch". I know I have a lot of stories that relate to me being in rehab (what can I say I've been a treatment one time too many) but this one is really special to me. The first time I went to an impatient facility (which was not fun but if I knew what kind of places were in my future, this place would seem like the four seasons in comparison), I did a lot of movie watching when I got home. My body had just went through hell and all I could do was sit on the couch and watch films. I came across Hedwig in the video store and had always passed it by before, wanting to rent it, but something always stopped me for some reason before. So I felt compelled to watch it and 3 minutes into the movie I already knew it would become one of my most dear favorite films of all times. I think I watched it like 30 times in that week, bought the soundtrack, and learned everything I could about the creator John Cameron Mitchell.
I don't want to give away the plot but the movie was so touching and life changing that I would sit and think about it's meaning for hours. Thats when you know a film is good...when it makes you think about it and it haunts you way after the DVD is done playing. The music is incredible and the concept is like no other. It originally was a play that had a HUGE cult following and now it's a film with a HUGE cult following. I highly recommend you at least give this film a chance. For the morally squeamish, you might be appalled at first and I'm sorry for you in that sense, but maybe if you just open your mind a little bit this movie can change you in ways you never imagined. I've included my two fav clips for your viewing pleasure...


V.I.P night at Penn and Teller

(pardon my fat grossness in the picture)

So when me and my husband (and Boo Boo) did the AIDS walk a couple months ago we got a cool ass prize package for raising $500.00. And it was 4 tickets to a V.I.P show of Penn and Teller here in Vegas. It was sooooo much fun! I brought along my sister, her best best, and one of my dear friends from college T.J. First we got to go to a meet and greet and eat fancy shamancy Hor’dourves , as well as take pics with Penn and Teller and get a private magic lesson from Teller (yes he actually talks in real life). Teller sat right at our table and talked with us which was pretty cool. I love his part of the duo because....well first he does all the magic....and second his facial expressions are priceless!

Then we got to see their INCREDIBLE show. I was really really impressed. I've been a fan of Penn and Teller's views from their Showtime show "Bullshit' and love all the things they stir up when it comes to certain topics (especially the political stuff) so I was really happy to see that they incorporated a lot of that into the show. And of course who doesn't love magic tricks??? I felt like a little kid sitting there in awe of the illusions they pulled off, and they were really like nothing I've ever seen before, and I'm a fan of magic!

We had so much fun and it was really great getting outta the house for the night. All three of us ladies are mothers of young kids so it was truly a treat to leave the little buggers with the husbands and have some good old Vegas fun! If you ever find yourself in Sin City be sure to check out the show if you get the chance!!!

This is me on stage. Can you spot me?


Disney Pixar helps grant dying girl her wish.

This story made me burst into tears and I just had to share it on my blog. I love witnessing that there is still good and sweetness in this world, and that the power of film can sometimes heal, bring people together, or just create a little bit of happiness in a dark place.....even for a brief moment..

-"The folks at Pixar helped a dying girl fulfill her final wish when one of their employees hand delivered a DVD of the film Up to the family's residence for a private screening.

10-year-old Colby Curtin was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in December 2005, and ever since she saw a preview for Up, she'd been excited for the poignant film about a man who goes on an adventure after the loss of his wife by tying balloons to his house and flying away.

After the family had made a request that was never fulfilled for a wheelchair to take Colby to the theaters, a family friend began frantically calling Pixar as Colby's health dramatically worsened.

Finally the friend got through the automated messaging system by guessing a name. Pixar immediately sent out an employee to the girl's home in Huntington Beach armed with a DVD of the film and a gift basket of toys. The family sat around to a private screening.

Colby had difficulty keeping her eyes open through the film because of the pain she was in, so her mother narrated it to her.

Colby died 7 hours later and we hope her final moments were that much more comfortable for having her final wish granted!"

I hope she had sweet dreams of adventures, blue skies, and balloons as she left this life for whatever quest happens next...


Apologize for my absence!

As you may have noticed, I haven't been posting much lately (and the reviews and giveaways are piling up!). Recently I had a little medical emergency which turned out to me a stupid ulcer. I guess too much stress, working, a crazy two year old, and copious amounts of caffine, will eventually result in a little ulcer friend growing inside me that make me feel like I had reached the pits of sickness hell. I HATE feeling bed-ridden and sick, but it was also a major wake up call that I need to start taking way better care of myself and try to slow down as much as I can, as well as eat a hell of a lot better then I have been lately.
But anyway, I'm SOOOOOOO far behind on my reviews and I deeply apologize to all the wonderful companies I'm working with. I promise everything will be caught up soon. I just need to pace myself a little better. But I guardsmen some great reviews and giveaways will still be on there way

Just like my ModBe swimsuit giveaway that ends in a couple days! Make sure to enter!


Zach Morris effing Lives!!

Omg! He hasn't aged a bit!...LOL This made my day!


Toddler Virtues Tees Review

I really love to feature products for kids that are really help to make a difference in their lives no matter how small or big. And Toddler Virtue Tees has really come up with a fantastic idea for their product. Each t-shirt has a different important virtue and definition in order to teach your children these incredibly vital ideas and lessons. I LOVE how Monika Hall, the Founder and President of Toddler Virtues, came up with the idea for these awesome shirts and I really want you guys to hear her story from her own words because they fully explain the importance of what she is trying to achieve with these t-shirts:

"I feel like I've 'danced like no body's watching' far before that phrase became popular. The picture to the right is of my son and I at a kid's concert (Ralph's World) last summer. It was here that my toddler virtue tee idea was born. As I looked around I noticed every child at the concert was wearing a tee shirt with a slogan or design on it. Whether it be spoiled, princess, high maintenance, little dude, a musician or whatever – this was the fad. At that moment it occurred to me that I had an opportunity to use this tee shirt craze as a platform to do some good by teaching toddler's virtues.

I feel that to make the world a better place, we need to start with our children. I propose that we bring back virtues. What if we instilled virtues like kindness, courage, tolerance, gratitude and patience into our toddlers? What if eventually these virtues became not only a word, but a way of life? What would happen if these virtuous toddlers became virtuous school aged children, young adults and our leaders of tomorrow? Maybe instead of seeing school shootings sprung by hatred, cowards for authority figures or wars arising from intolerance and impatience, we’ll see new and gracious generations make decisions based on respect and virtues. Just imagine what a world that would be!"

Her story kinda got me teary eyed. I mean we see those "diva, princess blah blah" shirts everywhere and I've always HATED them. I mean exactly what does that teach a 3 year old? That they are better then everyone else and should be treated that way? These Virtue T-shirts are a simple and fun way to teach your children important morals and Monika Hall also encourages everyone to participate in the Pass it On movement. This is where you can
pass hand-me-downs to siblings and order tees for toddler friends! Donate hand me downs to local shelters or soup kitchens. Buy new ones for kids who normally wouldn't be reached by these tees. I love this idea, and am already putting a little money aside so I can buy one for a child who normally wouldn't get a chance to have one themselves. And if you would like to do something similar and help Pass it On you can send your outgrown Virtue Tee back to the company and they will distribute it to a local homeless shelter or soup kitchen for you!!

Olivia was generously given the "Tolerance" shirt which is actually really fitting with what I want to instill in her throughout her life. My husband and I strive to be tolerant of everyone no matter who they are or what they choose to do and be in life. I support equal rights for everyone and after growing up a child who looked different then what was considered normal I really really encourage Olivia to always accept and love people no matter what and that we are all the same. I can't wait to teach this virtue to her! Virtue Toddler Tee's encourages parents to use these 5 steps with their Virtue Tee. 1. Read the Virtue to your child 2. Define and Explain the Virtue 3. Tell a story relaying the Virtue 4. Repeat when Tee is worn and 5. Pass It On!

These T-shirts are really something you going to enjoy having for your little one and would even make an awesome birthday present. And don't forget to check out the Mommy Virtues as well, because you never stop learning even when your are all grown up. Virtue Toddler Tees are not just a shirt to be worn, it's an entire lesson. And a lesson in something that your child will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

And now through the entire month of June my readers will get the chance to Buy one and get another one half off. After purchasing your two shirts simply e-mail Monika ( toddlervirtues@gmail.com ) and let her know you are one of my readers and she will refund you the money! Take advantage of this offer while you can!


Sky Ranch Foundation

I really want to share a foundation with you guys that is super important to me and my husband. Well, mostly to my husband but I think it's something important enough to spread the word about. It's called the Sky Ranch Foundation and it raises money for the Sky Ranch Boys Home is South Dakota. In 1950 a priest named Father Don Murray found himself looking after a few troubled boys at his rectory in the tiny town of Buffalo, South Dakota. He used a small plane to travel his large "territory" and soon found it could help him with the boys. Teaching them to fly really changed their outlook. But the priest had a dream and needed a lot of help to make it happen. He found the help, and so did thousands of boys who have been helped since then at Sky Ranch. Sky Ranch for Boys was incorporated in 1960. At first, the Bishop of Rapid City served as Chairman of the Board. From the start, however, it was agreed by all that the ranch would be non-sectarian, emphasizing the power of spirituality to help people without favoring one religion over another.

By 1963, 3,000 acres of ranchland on the Montana-South Dakota border had been acquired, and the first buildings were going up.Sky Ranch for Boys continues to help troubled kids (age 12-17) from all parts of America and plans on doing so for a long time to come! Some of the original buildings are nearing the end of their useful life and planning for rehabilitation or replacement has begun.

Sky Ranch is well known among professionals in the field for an outstanding success rate. More than 90% of boys sent to Sky Ranch successfully complete the program! During a single school year at Sky Ranch, most boys gain 2 or more grade levels in the school work they are able to handle. Many go on to very successful lives in a wide variety of fields.

The program has been enhanced recently by the implementation of a "Corrective Thinking" approach. Boys are held responsible for their errors and taught to think through how to avoid problems in the future. It has been very well received by boys and staff.

See my husband was sent to Sky Ranch when he was 17 and stayed there for a year. He went through a lot as a kid and got into a lot of trouble, and instead of having a judge send him to a juvenile detention center, he was luckily sent to Sky Ranch. He has told me so many stories about this place and has a ton of positive and wonderful memories about being there. He got his pilot license there, which is something he has always been proud of, and learned how to take care of horses. It was really something that he needed in his life at that time and he will always remember the place. I've been encouraging him that one day we will move to South Dakota (his dream state) and he will work at that ranch. I honestly believe it's his calling because no one will know what those boys are going through like him, and he is awesome with kids.
But this ranch and organization are so important and really needs help from outside sources. Even if it's small donations, they would still make a huge difference. This ranch is an awesome alternative to being locked up and instills leadership, responsibility, and positive learning during a time when boys need it the most. I couldn't imagine how being a locked cell is going to make a troubled kid turn his life around. Sometimes you come out of those places learning more negative things then you came in with. We need more places like Sky Ranch with people who really care so much about these kids and that are willing to do what they can to make a difference in their lives. Please take a moment to check out this foundation and spread the word...


Winner of the Bummas Cloth set!!

Ok so the winner of the Bummas Cloth set of their choice is #55 Emily B. Congrats! I'm e-mailing you now and you've got 48 to get back to me with your info..

Tomorrow two of my giveaways are ending..

My Tot Clock

Crazy Baby Clothing

And make sure to check back each day of my birthday week for a new giveaway! Like these...

Dreamsacks Jewelry Roll

18x24 Poster Print


Adios Madre...

So my mom is retiring and moving back to her country tomorrow and I gotta go say goodbye to her tonight. It's really bittersweet because although my mom can be horrible, a compulsive liar and gambler, a thief, and very conniving; she's still my mom. She was a terrible mother at most times but she is a good grandmother and for some reason my daughter really loves her. Me and my mom have had some roller coaster moments between us too. I think I have fought with her more then anyone else in the family, but she is still the first person I run to when I've found myself in any kind of trouble. I'm not exactly the most responsible person when it comes to living and I seem to always find my self in some effed up situation, but I always know that my mom is the one person I can go to when I don't want any other family member to know what kind of hot water I have landed myself in. And she always ends up bailing me out! Granted, there is always a heavy price to pay attatched to any kind of favor she does for me, and I always end up regretting it, but at least she does it. I can't even begin to tell you about the things that woman has put me through in my life, I'm talking some really horrible things, but for every shitty thing she does there is something good she does as well, and that is what has always screwed with me. I mean if you are going to be a bad person, be one all the way. Don't sprinkle your evil-ness with good acts here and there cause it messes with a person's head!
My mother has literally terrorized me and my sisters with her craziness, yet she always stayed by my side the entire time I would be in the hospital having surgery. She has stolen money from me yet when I went to her the first time I admitted I was a drug addict and needed help, she simply kept her mouth shut and hugged me. And then she called me every day in re-hab to remind me she had quit smoking so she could feel even a smidgen of what I was going through....lol
I've been an awful daughter and she's been an awful mother, but we only get one life and one family. So we have to make the best of what we've got. I have to let go of the past, try to remember the good shit, and stop falling for the same things over and over.
So it's kind of sad that she is moving so far away. Who the hell am I going to run to if I need bail money or O is throwing up all over the place and I'm scared to take her to the doctor by myself? I guess in a way her new phase of her life will force me to go through one of my own. Time to grow up and stop being co-dependent with each other I guess.
And I HATE good-byes. I just loathe them. I never even say goodbye to my sister when she leaves from her yearly visits. I just can't do it, so it's going to take a lot of strength to get through tonight, and it's going to take even more when I have to explain to Olivia why Grandma isn't around yet we are living in her house. Man life really sucks sometimes..


Poetry Corner - Arenas

I am that child with the round, dirty face who on every corner bothers you with his "Can you spare a quarter?"
I am that child with the dirty face, no doubt unwanted, that from far away contemplates coaches where other children emit laughter and jump up and down considerably
I am that unlikeable child definitely unwanted,with the round dirty face who before that giant street lights or under the grandams also illuminated or in front of the little girls that seem to levitate projects that insult of his dirty face
I am that angry and lonely child of always, that throw you the insult and warns you: if hypocritically you pat me on the head I would take that opportunity to steal your wallet
I am that child of always before the panorama of imminent terror imminent leprosy, imminent fleas, of offenses and the imminent crime.
I am that repulsive child that improvises a bed out of an old cardboard box and waits, certain that you will accompany me


Anyone have or had very young toddlers that wear glasses??

I'm asking because I'm pretty damn sure O is going to need them. This is something I worried about since I was pregnant because I knew her chances of needing them were very likely. My husband has three kids from a previous marriage and all three of them wear glasses, along with all three of his sisters and his mom. So it's something I always kept a look out for since she was a baby. And now the day has come. I notice that when she focuses on something or is watching her show on TV one of her eyes goes a little "cock-eyed". Then when I would call her name to grab her attention it would like move back. And when my husband noticed it (who is always in complete denial of ANYTHING ever being wrong because he thinks i worry too much) I knew that I wasn't alone in seeing something was off. Plus, one of his daughter's has a lazy eye and he said this is exactly how it started off. I am glad I'm catching it now because my niece has a lazy eye and they don't think they caught it early enough and now she is still having problems. It sucks for her and my sister!
But anywhoo, I'm wondering if any of you mommies have kids that needed glasses at a very very young age like this. What was your experience like at the eye exam (because I know it's not going to be pleasant with this child), and how on earth did you get a toddler to wear glasses?? Any experiences or advice would be kindly appreciated. Thats why I love having this blog. I always get great input from you guys!!


Disney Channel is out to ruin my life!

Dear Disney Channel,
Exactly where the hell have The Wiggles gone to? They weren't on yesterday or today, and as I frightfully looked on my TV menu for the next two weeks I see that they aren't on any day soon either. Exactly what are you trying to do to me here? You are a channel for little kids and you don't effing understand that when a child loves a show as my daughter loves those four stupid men, that they expect to see the show everyday and even know what freaking time it comes on? Did you think that all the children around the world would suddenly forget that The Wiggles? Nothing is worse then telling your child "OK it's time to watch The Wiggles and give mama a break for 27 minutes out of the entire day", and your kid is jumping up and down on the couch yelling, "yay! Wake up Jeff!" over and over, and you turn on the TV and it's completely Wiggle-less. How exactly do you explain that to a two year old? Can you tell me Disney Channel? Please? I mean your company is literally bigger then Jesus, you control the universe, and you can't get 4 men in multi-colored t-shirts to appear on time? Maybe the rumors were right that Walt Disney was a Satanist.
I'd honestly like to know what the meaning of all this is. Did they need a break? It's not like you don't play re-runs of every other show 24/7. Seriously, I need answers and I need them fast. I can only perform "Captain's Magic Buttons" so many times in my living room. I've got things to do! Thanks.
Yours in misery,


Because you need to know her......

Beth Ditto.....

Epitome of Fashion, Art, and Punk Rock.....

If I could only be a quarter of as fabulous and Confident.....

I beg you to tour the US...

Know her and Love her....


Frecklebox Review!!!

In my life, and my family's life, books are our center. Reading is so incredibly important to me and my love of literature and writing surpasses anything else that I might enjoy doing. I really wanted to pass that love on to my daughter and I vowed that starting from the day I brought her home from the hospital I would read to her every single day without fail. And I have! Now my daughter loves books about as much as I do and it makes me more then happy when she scuttles over to me carrying one in her hand and asks me to "read it mama",or when I hear her recite certain lines from her favorites.
We all have fond memories of books as children. Escaping into another world was such a comfort to me as a child and even before I could read myself I used to love when my big sister would read to me at night and do all the character voices she would do. My daughter has loved books since she could push them along the floor while crawling, and I will do everything I can to encourage that fondness for the rest of her life that I am in charge of. So I love any company that helps to make reading and learning fun, and I was more then happy to get to review Frecklebox.
Frecklebox specializes in making personalized gifts for kids. They strive to make children feel special by making their stories and artwork specifically about the child who the products are being given to. How exciting would it be for a kid to get a special item with their name on it? When I was a kid I had a cousin, one of the people in my life who made books important to me, who would get special gifts and books with me and my sister's names on them, and I just adored them! Frecklebox has personalized items such as storybooks, puzzles, posters, journals, place mats, stickers, growth charts, and party favors. And each item can be customized with your child's name!
Frecklebox was kind enough to send a personalized book for my daughter Olivia. It was awesomely called "Olivia Saves the Planet" and teaches about all the ways to help protect our earth. My daughter was literally so fascinated with hearing her name incorporated with the story that she has made me read it about 100 times since receiving it. I'm not even kidding. I have the book memorized by now. What is even better is that she is already recognizing things from the book in everyday life such as recycling and not wasting water when brushing our teeth. The greatest thing about childrens books is that they teach. So anything that can make learning fun for a kid is magic to me! The way Frecklebox incorporated her name into the pictures of the story is something I haven't seen before. I mean they didn't just write her name into the story, they placed her name in each picture on each page. Like for example (and this is adorable) for the page about not wasting water there is a picture of a big bar of soap with "Olivia" carved into it, and in the end there is a picture of a trophy with her name engraved on it as well. It's really amazing how clear they made it as well as the different ways they spelled out her name.
And what a better gift for a special occasion, milestone, or birthday then to get the kid in your life a personalized gift like that? Seriously, things like this makes kids feel so special, and seeing that look of happiness on their face is worth all the tantrums in the world. Frecklebox has a wide variety of themes to choose from for either a boy or a girl. From princesses to trucks and animals, Frecklebox has whatever your kid might be in to. What is also great is that it's so incredibly easy to customize your item. All I had to do was type in Olivia's name and a special little message from her mama (which I love) and voila! You can even view a preview of what your item will look like before you even get it.
The creators of Frecklebox are Scott and Mark. I had the pleasure of communicating with Mark and he was so incredibly kind. Both Mark and Scott are fathers who had a partnership together in a printing business before called Progressive Solutions. "As parents, these guys take the job of expanding their children’s minds very seriously. And as business people, they’ve been on a relentless mission to explore the possibilities of web-based digital printing."
I can't wait that as Olivia gets older this book will not only encourage and teach her to be environmentally conscience but that it will teach her to spell her name as well. She's only two so for right now she is loving the fact that she is a part of her own special story and it makes me so happy to see that fascination in her eyes. Frecklebox is just one of those companies that you know really cares about the development of kids, along with just plain making them happy. So make sure to check out Frecklebox so that you can make your little one feel special in a really unique way!


Image of the Week

The Slave Market with Disappearing Bust of Voltair by Salvador Dali


The Things you can learn from Vanilla Joy's Blog

My sister is a huge craft person. I mean you could walk into her craft room and literally go shopping like you were in Micheal's. And she can just about make anything. Now that she has a baby she doesn't have as much time to do crafts. But still I wish I could have helped her with her Craft Room Organization so that she could feel more enticed to keep making her awesome crafts! One of the ways she could stay organized is by getting some Scrapbooking Furniture to keep everything in it's place. But alas, we don't have time for these things since we are more worried about finding different methods of Discipline for our Children..

Before thinking I have gone bat poop crazy, this post is for a contest I'm doing at Vanilla Joy..hee hee


I don't care if I get 100 negative comments, this shiz is funny!

Love this duo, and this song is awesome. Sorry but they are 100% spot on! Enjoy!!


Operation Smile - Cleft Lip Organization

I'm really mad, because I just wrote this entire post and for some reason accidentally erased it, and I swear I almost bashed my stupid computer, as well as my own dumb head, in with one of O's toys. But it's so important that I will sit here for another 20 minutes and write it all over the eff again.

I'd like to talk about an organization that is so so important to me and personally close to my heart. I hope I can introduce it to as many people as I can that aren't already familiar with it. It's called Operation Smile. This organization is a worldwide medical charity whose network of global volunteers are dedicated to helping improve the health and lives of children and young adults with cleft lip and palate. Operation Smile was founded by Dr. William P. Magee Jr. a plastic surgeon, and his wife, Kathleen, a nurse and clinical social worker. In 1982, the Magees traveled to the Philippines with a group of medical volunteers to repair children's cleft lips and cleft palates. They discovered hundreds of children ravaged by deformities, and although they helped many children, the volunteers were forced to turn away the majority of those who sought help. The Magees saw the need and Operation Smile was born.
You see I was born with Bi-lateral Cleft Lip and Palate, which means the cleft was on both sides of my lip and required a lot of work. Being born this was is a major major part of my life and everything I have endured because of it has shaped my entire existence. From being made fun of to having to go through painful surgeries all my childhood, and eventually to becoming a drug addict because I couldn't deal with all the memories of what I went through. All of this centers around the simple (well complicated) fact that i was 1 in 700 children born with a cleft lip and Palate. But the thing is, is that I was very very lucky in my situation. My mother worked at the same company for 26 years to get great insurance for my treatments, dental care, speech therapy, etc. I was brought to some of the greatest surgeons in the field to have my last surgery when I was 14 at the UCLA medical center. There are so many children in so many countries that cannot afford food let alone surgeries. It's more common in certain poor countries and South America and Asia, where babies with cleft really need help. And that very first surgery to close the cleft is the most important. This closure helps the baby to eat and eventually learn to speak, and without it life will be very brutal for them.
That is why I'm so happy and thankful that Operation Smile exists. They provide medical and dental care for children and Adults with cleft in other countries as well as in America too. It's so hard for new parents who have just discovered their baby has a cleft to deal with the overwhelming task at hand. They often don't know where to begin in getting their child the proper surgeries, dental, breast/bottle feeding care, and speech therapy that they need. Operation Smile is making it possible for those families to thrive and have happy healthy lives. And they even help with Dental care which is so vital when it comes to Cleft. Believe me, I spent almost my entire childhood in a Dentist or Orthodontist chair.
Without organizations like this, before my family had insurance, I wouldn't have had the care that I needed as a kid. I really hope that all people born with Cleft can one day be as lucky as I was. Today, a lot of people can't even notice that I had a cleft and although I am not vain (after going through a childhood where I didn't look normal at all) I am so thankful for that and hope this can be achieved over and over again with others.I really really urge you to take a moment to learn about Operation Smile and all the miracles they are performing. And if you are in a place where you can donate please consider it. Thanks for reading and please spread the word.


My love for Eric Schaeffer is still a go...

So since I had like zero followers when I wrote my blogs about Eric Schaeffer, no one is probably going to understand (or honestly care) about the status of my infatuation with him,but that's OK because I write for me and me alone. So I'm happy to say that my adoration meter is tilting a little further up after this recent episode of "I can't Believe I'm still Single". See, my love was starting to falter a little bit with the new season because it seemed more about him trying to get laid (along with his narcosis growing madly out of control at the same time) and less about a quest for true understanding of love.

I was starting to get a little discontent after the last episode where one second he was praising a chick in a cafe and the next he was telling her to get her coffee to go and leave him alone because her hot friend, he was more interested in, had just showed arrived. Something about that irked me. Along with the fact that he falls in love with every chick he meets, just like another ex-boyfriend of mine. Yes I know I should love him for all his kooky ways, even if that means accepting his incredibly short attention span and need for instant gratification that blows cold so quickly. But something about that just seemed a little selfish. Seemed a little too much like someone else in my past that this man reminds me so much of it makes me literally nauseous.
But after tonight's episode I must say that he has redeemed himself a little. Now the crew has finally hit the road and we get to see Eric's beloved banter with the other passengers in the car and with himself. His narcosis is now lovable again and not uncomfortable, and when you see him become emotional after visiting his Father and his sister you can't help but adore the man all over again. Even if he spent most of the episode infatuating about Canadian whores, I'm proud to say that I'm still borderline obsessive with Mr. Schaeffer and all is well in my little world again.


Jon and Hate Plus 8 Debacle

I came across this spot on post by Diares of the Professor , and I have to say that every single hilarious word of it it so true. I agree with everything he says and have predicted the downfall of these two crooks a long time ago. Yes I am Ant-Gosselin and if you aren't too then something is either really wrong with you, you have never watched the show, or you are just plain slow-witted. I'm sorry but you can't honestly believe that these two money-grubbing Anti-Christians could possibly be good parents.

Octo-mom is mother fucking Teresa compared to these two schmucks. And in all honesty, I don't blame poor Jon from straying from the monster with the dead animal on her head. Really I don't. Put yourself in the poor guys place. He marries a woman that he loves, has two beautiful twin girls that he adores, then even though they admittedly didn't have enough money to do so, his wife tells him she got a message from god or something and took a bunch of fertility drugs and popped out a heard of children. Now here is this dude who is very young and very immature, and he is literally thrust into this incredibly challenging life. He is forced into the spotlight and now expected to hold his responsibility as a father ten-fold. Yes, I believe he stuck around and did his duty because he loves those children. But what Kate did next was so unfair to the guy. When you have one child you need your family there (if you are close to them) to help you out, support you, teach you all the little tips and tricks to having a baby. But what did Kate do? She begun the first of isolation techniques to remove all other family members from the situation. I can't claim to know what the story is behind all that, but I do know that one day they were close to the family and the next moment Kate is saying "These people just aren't in the kids lives anymore". And this was one of several instances like this where family members suddenly disappeared. So here Jon was, a father to 10, without even as little as his mama to hold his hand. And then what happens? She becomes so addicted to the money, fame, and freebies that her head grows so incredibly big that she has no shame in even cutting her own good Christian husband down on camera for the entire world to see over and over again.
I'm not going to go on and list all the many other things that make Kate and Jon horrible and greedy. I mean all you got to do is watch the show, watch their itinerary, and view the proof of all the spending and church appearances. But I'm glad it's all finally crashing down on them. Sure it's sad for the kids, but it's not any worse then all the shit they have already gone through and all the damage that has been done. If Kate truly loved them, then she would be with them right now beginning the healing process. But where is dear Katie? Still shucking out yet another stupid book of hers and appearing on talk show after talk show. And don't tell me that she is contractually obligated to do it either. The bitch has so much money right now she doesn't have to do anything she doesn't want to. I'm sorry but if a huge scandal hit my family, my children would not be left to be comforted by the many nannies that I left in charge. But then again I'm not a snake like Kate Gosselin.


Mother's Day should be everyday.

Seriously, and I know I'm not alone here, but don't you think that having a single measly day to celebrate the wonderment that is mothers, IS a little bit lacking? Mothers are the key to the entire universe I believe and deserve much more. I may not be the greatest mother by far, but the things that I have seen and witnessed mothers do is truly amazing and worth more then just 24 hours of recognition. We should have an entire month!
I will never forget that first week after giving birth to Olivia. Not only was I thinking, "what the crap did I just get myself in to?" I was in complete awe and wonderment of how incredibly strong and magical mothers actually were. I remember calling my big sister and just crying like mad that I didn't know what I was doing, the kid wouldn't stop crying, I was beyond exhausted, couldn't get breastfeeding to work, and thinking that I had made a huge mistake cause I just wasn't cut out to be a mom. And she said to me, "OK it may not be working out but just think about all that you are doing right now!" Only a mother could put themselves through complete emotional hell like that. You grew that baby for 9 months and protected it, and here you are...a complete wreck but you are still here". And then I realized that moms WERE super-heroes. All the things that they can do and all the hats that they can wear is something so unbelievable to witness. There are so many examples I can't even begin to list, but when you hear about a mother working 5 jobs to feed their kid, or a mother selling her body in a desolate country because her kids are starving, it just makes you wonder why all we get are some presents and a card on one particular day. I'm not saying that everyone is unappreciative, so please hold back on the badgering. All I'm doing is writing about how wonderful it all is if you really think about it. Everything in the universe is created or born....who does the creating and birthing? Everything needs to be nurtured to survive and grow...who does the protecting and tending? A woman's body is literally built to grow life and then feed that life with our very own souls and bodies. It's crazy!
The woman has always been the creator, the starter of wars, the subjects of poems, the despair and longing of artists and Kings. And you never love anyone like you love your mother. A mother can never be replaced.
So on this Mother's Day of course do the usual. Take your wife/mom out to dinner, buy her flowers, let her take a break without being disturbed by her tantrum throwing two year old (hint hint Paul) but try to let that celebration and praise carry-on throughout the year. Remember what moms do and keep that memory fresh. I only wish that we were born with the knowledge of knowing how much our mothers love us. I think adolescence would be so much different if we did. If I knew as a kid how much my parents had to endure and hurt watching me go through the things I had to go through then I think I would have turned out differently. And you only truly understand that deep love when you eventually have a child of your own. And now I can only wish that my child will grow up understanding, if only a smidgen, how complete I am now that she is here. And that I don't exist without her. So please Happy Mother's YEAR everyone!


Poetry Corner - Plath

Lady Lazarus - by Sylvia Plath

I have done it again.
One year in every ten
I manage it--

A sort of walking miracle, my skin
Bright as a Nazi lampshade,
My right foot

A paperweight,
My face a featureless, fine
Jew linen.

Peel off the napkin
O my enemy.
Do I terrify?--

The nose, the eye pits, the full set of teeth?
The sour breath
Will vanish in a day.

Soon, soon the flesh
The grave cave ate will be
At home on me

And I a smiling woman.
I am only thirty.
And like the cat I have nine times to die.

This is Number Three.
What a trash
To annihilate each decade.

What a million filaments.
The peanut-crunching crowd
Shoves in to see

Them unwrap me hand and foot--
The big strip tease.
Gentlemen, ladies

These are my hands
My knees.
I may be skin and bone,

Nevertheless, I am the same, identical woman.
The first time it happened I was ten.
It was an accident.

The second time I meant
To last it out and not come back at all.
I rocked shut

As a seashell.
They had to call and call
And pick the worms off me like sticky pearls.

Is an art, like everything else.
I do it exceptionally well.

I do it so it feels like hell.
I do it so it feels real.
I guess you could say I've a call.

It's easy enough to do it in a cell.
It's easy enough to do it and stay put.
It's the theatrical

Comeback in broad day
To the same place, the same face, the same brute
Amused shout:

'A miracle!'
That knocks me out.
There is a charge

For the eyeing of my scars, there is a charge
For the hearing of my heart--
It really goes.

And there is a charge, a very large charge
For a word or a touch
Or a bit of blood

Or a piece of my hair or my clothes.
So, so, Herr Doktor.
So, Herr Enemy.

I am your opus,
I am your valuable,
The pure gold baby

That melts to a shriek.
I turn and burn.
Do not think I underestimate your great concern.

Ash, ash--
You poke and stir.
Flesh, bone, there is nothing there--

A cake of soap,
A wedding ring,
A gold filling.

Herr God, Herr Lucifer

Out of the ash
I rise with my red hair
And I eat men like air.

(A crazy English teacher I had in the 10th grade gave me this poem and I've kept it ever since. It forever will be my favorite piece of poetry)


Prissy Green's giveaway for a year supply of skin care!

Prissy Green is having the most amazinghttp://www.prissygreen.com for Pevonia Botanical. This a definite one to enter!!


FINCA International

Another post to bring light to something that everyone needs to learn about. FINCA International's mission is to provide financial services to the world's lowest-income entrepreneurs so they can create jobs, build assets and improve their standard of living. Their vision is to be a global microfinance network collectively serving more low-income entrepreneurs than any other MFI while operating on commercial principles of performance and sustainability. the Village Banking Campaign. It will enable FINCA to double its impact: to use the power of microfinance to extend loans, microinsurance, and savings to one million poor families by 2010 so they can effect their own development.

Microfinance refers to financial services provided to low-income people, usually to help support self-employment. Examples of microfinance products include: small loans, savings plans, insurance, payment tranfers, and other services that are provided in small increments that low-income individuals can afford. These services help families to start and build "micro" enterprises, the very small businesses that are important sources of employment, income, and economic vitality in developing countries worldwide.

Because salaried or wage-paying jobs are scarce in many developing countries, most citizens earn their livings through self-employment, creating and operating their own tiny enterprises. But without financial services to fuel their productivity, the poor can never grow their microenterprises into businesses that help them escape poverty. The microfinance movement was born to ease the suffering caused by poverty, and to awaken the global economy's sleeping giant: the under-capitalized productivity of the world's working poor.

By providing very poor families with small loans to invest in their microenterprises, Village Banking empowers them to create their own jobs, raise their incomes, build assets, and increase their families’ well-being. Here's how it works. Neighbors come together in financial support groups called “Village Banks.” Individuals borrow working capital for their microenterprises, and because they have little to offer for collateral, the group guarantees those loans. As businesses grow, families earn more, purchase more nutritious foods, and parents are better able to send their children to school. After a year or more, many Village Bankers make significant improvements to their businesses, their homes, and their lives. Because neighbors support each other while growing their businesses, Village Banking helps invigorate entire communities. Village Banking is designed to reach the poorest of the working poor. FINCA clients—70 percent of whom are women—have no other sources of working capital. FINCA works closely with its clients to help them build their businesses so they can earn more, become part of the larger marketplace, and enter the global economy. In addition to working capital, we provide them with insurance, savings plans, and other services to help them weather crises such as illness or death in the family, or natural disasters.

Please head on over to FINCA international to learn more about how you can be apart of this important movement forward.


The Lost Boys of Sudan

A really incredible organization having to do with the heart breaking issue that is "The Lost Boys of Sudan" was brought to light to me by an owner of a company I recently met, and who I will be doing a future review for. It's called Hope with Sudan and I really hope all of you will take a moment to educate yourselves about the Lost Boys of Sudan as well as this organization.

(taken from Wikipedia) "The Lost Boys of Sudan are more than 27,000 boys who were displaced and/or orphaned during the Second Sudanese Civil War (1983-2005, about 2 million killed). In 2001, about 3800 Lost Boys arrived in the United States, where they are now scattered in about 38 cities.Halted after 9/11 for security reasons, the program restarted in 2004, but peace talks were underway in Sudan, and so other refugee crises in other countries took priority. As of 2006, the largest population of Sudanese refugees in the United States is in Omaha, Nebraska which hosts about 7,000 people. A variety of charities helped bring Sudanese refugees to the United States, such as Catholic Charities. A variety of programs have been done to help and understand these displaced people, everything from reconnecting to their traditional dancing to dental work to replace teeth which had been removed by traditional custom, but whose loss is negative in the USA.
Most of the boys were orphaned or separated from their families when government troops systematically attacked villages in southern Sudan killing many of the inhabitants, most of whom were civilians. The younger boys survived in large numbers because they were away tending herds or were able to escape into the nearby jungles.Orphaned and with no support, they would make epic journeys lasting years across the borders to international relief camps in Ethiopia and Kenya evading thirst, starvation, wild animals, insects, disease, and one of the most bloody wars of the 20th century.Experts say they are the most badly war-traumatized children ever examined.
When villages were attacked, girls were raped, killed, taken as slaves to the north, or became servants or adopted children for other Sudanese families. As a result, relatively few girls made it to the refugee camps."

Hope with Sudan is an organization that offers scholarships to refugee youth in need in Kenya, Uganda and the Silicon Valley. Through this site you can donate to this cause, as well as learn how to become a companion, mentor, tutor, or set up a program to tell the story of The Lost Boys to your community or anyone else who will listen. There are also a few documentaries on this subject such as "And God grew Tired of us" as well as others. So please check out this site and spread the word.


Basa Body review, Great products for a great cause!

I love love love to encounter companies that not only sell wonderful products but who use their platform and proceeds for a good cause. It's so important that when one finds success they remember to use it in order to do good for others as well as for themselves. No matter how you are doing in life you can always find a way to help someone else who needs it. The story behind Basa Body products is one that really needs to be heard. It's a company full of love and selflessness and I hope that I can spread the word about it to as many people as I can. In the company's own words this is how Basa Body began:

t began with a trip to Kenya where we connected with wonderful, intelligent women working hard to feed their families. We met with the women of Mombasa and visited the first small-scale coconut oil plant called Coast Coconut Farms where they produced pure organic coconut oil by hand. Determined to find a way to assist them in selling their oil and to help them grow their business, we came home and through the help of many good people, created Basa Body (named after the women of Mombasa). It is our hope that by sharing this natural healing lotion with their inspiring story, we can help lift these women of Africa out of poverty and help them become self-reliant. Basa not only purchases all our coconut oil from CCF, but we also donate back 10% of our profits to projects in Kenya to fight poverty."

The Coast Coconut Farm was created to lift rural poor out of poverty. This company’s mission is to provide sustainable employment, management and ownership opportunities for the rural people of Kenya, and eventually, across the globe. It has also provided employment for 100 Kenyan Families. Please read more about about Basa's Story here. Not only do these products help individuals in Kenya to achieve self reliance, but the products themselves are natural and earth friendly. There are many great health benefits of using Coconut Oil that I found interesting as well. You can also go to the Basa Body website and donate directly to these projects, and all proceeds go directly toward projects in Kenya. Basa Body is also developing a "Woman to Woman” direct sales model, with the idea that Basa Body is about women helping women. Basa Body “Mompreneurs” have an opportunity to sell Basa Body products, creating extra income for themselves, while creating employment and self-reliance for women in Kenya who are making the coconut oil by hand in the villages of Kenya." I know that I definitely will be involved in any way that Basa Body will allow me to be, because what this company is achieving is just so incredible and heart warming to me.
Now I also got a chance to sample and try these products out, and I must say that they, first of all, smell like absolute heaven. As soon as I opened the box the most delicious scent hit my nose. Its the perfect combination of a tropical and natural scent, and ladies you will love it. I first tried out the Basa Body stick, which is a natural coconut oil healing balm. Living in the desert my skin gets so dry and so I used it on my feet. Already they are becoming so smooth and soft so quickly. I also used it on this rash I've had on my arms for the past month now. Nothing would work before, not even hydro-cortisone, but I put the balm on it and it hasn't itched since! It can also be used to sooth irritated skin as well as diaper rash and chaffing! I know all the moms will agree with me that I love the idea of using something this natural on my daughter's skin.
The Cherry Chocolate & Mint Truffle soap smelled so good I could literally eat it. It's really like nothing I've smelled before and I love having a scent follow me around that not many are familiar with. It's nice to be different of course ;). Lastly, I tried the Natural Coconut Oil Lotion, which is free from parabens, artificial colors, and preservatives. My skin is sensitive so using something without harsh chemicals is important to me. This also smelled absolutely incredible in combination with the soap.
I loved reviewing Basa Body products, and honestly I would have posted about this company regardless of reviewing the products or not, because it is such a wonderful and important company. Each of my girlfriends and relatives will have to expect that all future gifts will be from Basa Body from now on!... hee hee. But I'm sure they won't mind once they learn what awesome work this company is doing as well as what a beautiful product they are creating. Please take the time to check out their website and perhaps even find something perfect in time for Mother's Day!


Uganda's Invisible Children

If any of you watch and love Oprah like I do then you saw the episode this past week where she mentioned Uganda's Invisible children. This isn't the first time this horrendous situation was mentioned on her show, and I'm really glad that someone like her (who millions of people listen to) is smart enough and compassionate enough to use her voice to talk about things like this. The first time I watched the documentary I honestly couldn't believe it. Of course horrible things happen to children all around the world everyday, and all of us feel empathy and sorrow for what goes on. But this is truly something that could very well have an end put to it soon if enough people get involved to stop this. So please visit the Invisible children website, watch the documentary, learn about children in Uganda who are being forced to be child soldiers, and about those children who have to be locked in cages at night so they aren't stolen. Seriously, it doesn't take long to just learn about what you can do to help and where to go to voice your concern.


Ummm Can I give this kid back?

So my two year old is hitting the terrible twos at like full freaking force right now and I am exhausted, stressed out, and re-thinking this parenthood thing (j/k....kinda). I know that tantrums all come down to lack of communication and her not being able to express herself (and her being a brat) but this is just down right crazy now. Before you become a parent, and you see a kid screaming in the middle of the store while going dead weight, you literally look at the parent like they are nuts and want to scream "control your child!". I vowed to never be that parent and now here I am, finding myself completely embarrassed out in public, and wanting to crawl into a dark place and cry "oh god why did I have a child?" I mean this kid is my heart, she is more important to me then air, and my body would literally stop functioning and drop dead if I had to be without her, but these past couple days I have actually had to go into another room, close the door, and pretend I was in my happy place because if I didn't I would completely loose it during her tantrums.
So I need to know how you guys handled this. I know there are a million opinions on this, but I like to hear from real people. I've been doing the time out thing, I have ignored her tantrums completely, but sometimes it still doesn't work. I swear this kid looks at me dead in the eye right when she is doing something bad. And if she wants something she cannot have she will go on and on for hours if I let her. I really don't want one of those kids you see on Nanny911. I really don't want to hear people tell me my kid is bad or question why the hell I am not doing something right with her. It's great that some kids are naturally wonderful...really I'm happy for you if they are. But my kid has always been a high needs, really smart and creative, have imaginary friends and locking the cat in the fridge kind of kid. I love her for that, but I got to get a handle on it as well. So any KIND advice would be greatly appreciated!


National Marrow Donor Program

In light of a recent news story I came across about a little boy in Manhattan who was diagnosed with an extremely rare form of Leukemia, and who is currently looking for a matching bone marrow donor, I came across the National Marrow Donor Program. Now we all know how important it can be to people with cancer and leukemia to find a matching bone marrow donor in order to literally save their lives. And most people are either too afraid of the pain to even see if they are a potential match, or they have no way of going about finding out if they are. This is where the registry comes in. Now I had no idea this existed or even how easy it was. What you do is, is you sign up for the registry and then they send you a little kit with stuff to swab your cheek with, and then you send the sample back. They keep your results in a data base and when a doctor/patients does a search for particular bone marrow and they find a match in the registry, you then have the chance to save someone's life. Now there is a fee for filing (which is tax deductible and can be paid in portions...and it's really not that much) but that is only because this registry needs funds to keep going. They keep your data on file until you are 60 years old. There are some other guidelines that you might want to check out if interested. I honestly think this is such an important thing that everyone needs to do. I know you hear horror stories about the pain of marrow donation, but just think; a couple weeks of discomfort to save someone's (possibly a child's) life. If you or your family member were sick wouldn't you want there to be plenty of available donors around to help you out? The least you can do is check the site out. Me and my husband are definitely going to be doing it!


Congrats Team Broadsword!!

Congratulations to my friends Jim Balent and Holly Golightly of Broadsword Comics! Their comic book, Tarot Witch of the Black Rose, was ranked #2 Hottest Indie Comic in Wizard Magazine! If you are comic-book nerd like me you will understand how incredibly awesome this is. I'm so proud of these two. They have come such a long way with running this label on their own, and now it is like madly popular. From across the world people are loving Tarot and it's so awesome. If you like comics, or just beautiful art, you have to check out Tarot Witch of The Black Rose. The pictures are amazing, the characters are beautiful, and the message is very empowering to women (and to everyone). Jim and Holly are honestly the most gracious artists to their fans. They are always there to answer an e-mail or questions, and they have become friends of mine simply from me loving their comic back. I mean anyone who can obtain a personalized autograph of my savior and king Glenn Danzig will always be number one in my book. Congrats guys! you work so hard and deserve all the great things coming your way!

P.S. this is not a review. I'm not gaining anything (besides love) from these two. I am just honestly proud of em!


Yay for progess!!!!!!!!

Wow other then the impending doom for the Swine-flu. Today is a great day!!

The Senate in New Hampshire voted on Wednesday to legalize gay marriage.

The legislation will go into effect on January 1st, 2010, unless it is vetoed by Governor John Lynch, a Democrat. (let's hope not)

Lynch has said publicly that he opposes same-sex marriage, but has not commented as to whether he would veto legislation legalizing gay marriage.

If Lynch declines to take any action to block the legislation, the bill will automatically pass into law. The New Hampshire House of Representatives approved the bill on March 26th.

New Hampshire would be the fifth state in the U.S. to allow same-sex marriage if the legislation is passed into law.

That's right people! Equality for ALL!


Did the ancient Mayans predict the end of the world?

The end is near. Or is it here?

You can be forgiven for believing it is.

Volcanoes in Alaska, earthquakes in Italy, war in the Middle East, floods in the Midwest.

And don't forget Sept. 11 and Hurricane Katrina.

If an $11 trillion debt and your shrinking 401(k) aren't causing you enough anxiety, here's another set of numbers to worry about: Dec. 21, 2012.

That date marks the end of a 5,000-year epoch as determined by the Mayan Long Count calendar, a device that ticks off days since the Mayan mythical creation date in 3114 B.C. It's been hijacked by New Age seekers and seers who interpret its end date as representing either a shift in human consciousness or an apocalyptic event.

Without the portent they impose upon it, the date marks the winter solstice and four shopping days until Christmas, and has the significance of the flipping of an odometer.

But to deny the date's influence is to ignore the network of books and Web sites that promote it, and the end-time themes that are appearing in dramatic narrative.

The two strands intersect literally this fall in the disaster film "2012," which asks: "How would the governments of our planet prepare 6 billion people for the end of the world?"

Doomsday also is the subject of films like "Knowing," in which solar flares threaten Earth; "Watchmen," whose characters are concerned about a nuclear war; "I Am Legend," in which mankind has been decimated by plague; and "Terminator Salvation," in which machines destroy humanity.

Sometimes, havoc rather than destruction is portrayed. In "Angels and Demons," due in theaters May 15, Tom Hanks battles a shadowy group called the Illuminati. On Fox TV's "Fringe," something called "the Pattern" is responsible for a series of ghastly events.

Modern popular culture is rife with such art-imitates-life metaphors. Radioactive creatures ran rampant in Japanese films post-Hiroshima. Cold War and Red Scare-era films were portraits of mistrust and uncertainty.

And much escapism produced since 9-11 is distinctly dystopian.

Dave Gibbons, who illustrated the "Watchmen" graphic novel upon which the movie was based and wrote the book "Watching the Watchmen" about his creative process, said his own "absurd" duck-and-cover experiences influenced the way he portrayed the Cold War atmosphere in the book, written by Alan Moore.

"There have always been doomsday scenarios, from prehistory through the Bible, to modern fiction," Gibbons said in an audio file sent in response to a reporter's questions. "I think it's a perennial concern of mankind that it will just come to an end someday."

Rather than attach any significance to prophecies or conspiracies to doomsday, Gibbons suspects "that if it ever does happen, it will be on a Tuesday afternoon. When no one's looking."

"Going back 300 years ago, it was witches and supernatural beings," said Robert Bonadurer, director of the Daniel M. Soref Planetarium and Humphrey IMAX Dome Theater at the Milwaukee Public Museum.

"And as we moved into the space age, it was flying saucers."

The current round of doomsday scenarios is simply the latest in a long line of such manifestations, said Bonadurer.
Apocalypse now?

And they are a sign of the times.

Jeffrey Kaplan, associate professor of religion at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, said doomsday concerns appear at times of the greatest social stress.

"And certainly we are living in one right now," he said. "And when fear rises, millennial and apocalyptic beliefs crest."

Apocalyptic texts are common to all religions, and most of them celebrate "what comes after the end. The new beginning," said Kaplan, author of "Millennial Violence: Past, Present and Future."

"Go into any church on Sunday and you'll find a room full of millenarians. It's very mainstream."

But when people act on such beliefs and try to "force the end," he said, violence can occur. "That type of violence is a subset of terrorist groups."

This possibility concerns the most objective observers.

Brian D'Amato is "very skeptical" about 2012 prophecies, but he worries about "trends intersecting around now, or around then, that are very disturbing," like climate change and species extinction.

"There is no reason the same people who shoot up a school or civic organization can't get hold of ricin or anthrax," said D'Amato, author of "In the Courts of the Sun," a literary thriller set in modern and ancient Mayan times that combines the scientific and fantastic. In his book, characters seek to prevent an act of end-times violence.

John Major Jenkins, a writer and independent researcher whom The New York Times described as bringing "academic rigor" to the discussion of the Mayan calendar, said doomsday prophecies made in association with the 2012 date "are more revealing about the preoccupations and biases of our own culture" than anything the Maya believed.

But "now that there's such hysteria projected onto that date, there's a sociological probability" something could occur, he admitted.
In the Maya of the beholder

Jenkins said his research revealed that the Mayans believed the date presented an opportunity for "transformation and renewal."

Daniel Pinchek is similarly oriented. Pinchek, author of "2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl," whose title refers to a mythical beast, said that although he "is not a fundamentalist" about the date itself, "it's clear that we're in an amazing process right now, and it's extraordinary the Maya targeted this particular time like a bull's-eye."

Pinchek, founder of the Web magazine realitysandwich.com and the social network evolver.net, believes 2012 is "an opportunity to create a new awakening" and to use "the ethical capacities we've developed to make a world that works for everybody."

But it is unclear what, if anything, the date meant to the Maya, said Andrea Stone, professor of art history at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

"It would have been the conclusion of a major calendrical cycle . . .  but we have no idea of how they saw the implications of the end of that cycle or if they worried about it," said Stone, whose specialty is Mayan art and hieroglyphics.

The Maya flourished in Central America from about 300 B.C. to 900 A.D., when their civilization disappeared for reasons mostly unknown, although millions of ethnic Maya remain. Four ancient Mayan texts survived the invasion of the Spanish conquistadors, and what is known about them today is drawn from these writings and archaeological finds.

A display of Mayan pottery and figurines at the Milwaukee Public Museum calls them "the Greeks of the New World."

"The Maya were great astronomers," D'Amato said, and they were "especially concerned with solstices and equinoxes."

This dovetails with Jenkins' research that shows the 2012 date coincides with what he describes as "a rare astronomical alignment" of the winter solstice sun and the axis of the Milky Way, called the galactic or celestial equator.

Bonadurer, an astronomer, explicitly disputes this: They do not align on that date, he wrote in an e-mail.

For her part, Stone calls "the solstice thing interesting."

The Maya "loved these kinds of alignments," she said. And they saw the Milky Way as a "path, a road, a river." But, she said, they were unaware of the celestial equator. And she said they did not invent the long count calendar, but borrowed it from neighbors and refined it.
Learning from apocalyptic fear

While some in the academic and scientific community refused to speak on the topic, Bonadurer embraces 2012 as an educational opportunity.

"We don't want people to be scared of the future, but to embrace the joy of learning, and that is a fantastic process," he said.

Stone thinks Mayanists "are not too unhappy" about the attention, which means they are studying "one of the coolest cultures in the world."

And she equates the transformative possibilities the date represents to some with an experience she had at an open-air Art Garfunkel concert.

"The sun was setting, the crescent moon appeared and Venus, as the evening star in opposition to it, was intensely bright as he was singing," she said.

"And it was so incredibly beautiful I was totally inspired by it and jealous of the Maya. This was the kind of thing they paid attention to. So I don't begrudge the New Age people for getting that kind of inspiration from their calendar and their great cycle of time.

"It is," she said, "something to respect."

By Duane Dudek of the Journal Sentinel