Ummm Can I give this kid back?

So my two year old is hitting the terrible twos at like full freaking force right now and I am exhausted, stressed out, and re-thinking this parenthood thing (j/k....kinda). I know that tantrums all come down to lack of communication and her not being able to express herself (and her being a brat) but this is just down right crazy now. Before you become a parent, and you see a kid screaming in the middle of the store while going dead weight, you literally look at the parent like they are nuts and want to scream "control your child!". I vowed to never be that parent and now here I am, finding myself completely embarrassed out in public, and wanting to crawl into a dark place and cry "oh god why did I have a child?" I mean this kid is my heart, she is more important to me then air, and my body would literally stop functioning and drop dead if I had to be without her, but these past couple days I have actually had to go into another room, close the door, and pretend I was in my happy place because if I didn't I would completely loose it during her tantrums.
So I need to know how you guys handled this. I know there are a million opinions on this, but I like to hear from real people. I've been doing the time out thing, I have ignored her tantrums completely, but sometimes it still doesn't work. I swear this kid looks at me dead in the eye right when she is doing something bad. And if she wants something she cannot have she will go on and on for hours if I let her. I really don't want one of those kids you see on Nanny911. I really don't want to hear people tell me my kid is bad or question why the hell I am not doing something right with her. It's great that some kids are naturally wonderful...really I'm happy for you if they are. But my kid has always been a high needs, really smart and creative, have imaginary friends and locking the cat in the fridge kind of kid. I love her for that, but I got to get a handle on it as well. So any KIND advice would be greatly appreciated!


News Around The Blogs said...

love that picture you should do wordless wednesdays

TheEclecticElement said...

Well, I know my mum said I was like that at her age and once in the grocery store when I threw a tantrum, she just completely walked away and left me there. She said that was the last time I threw a tantrum in public. Lol

AudreyO said...

There are kids called "spirited children" There is not a ton of information, but there is some information out there about spirited kids. I don't always agree with labels, but sometimes if you understand the why, it helps you develop plans on dealing with situations.

One of my daughters is ADD and once we knew we developed new plans for helping her see successes.

Hope that helps a bit.

Sasha222 said...

Spirited children. I will have to look that one up. Thank you so much!

JaMean said...

Honestly, she is probably just strong willed. My oldest used to do the same thing. Ignoring it was harder than heck, but it was the only thing that worked. (Once, I started screaming back and kicking and pounding my hands, and he ended up laughing.)

That time took too much energy

Good Luck! Just remember, this too shall pass!!!! Wait til she is a tween...OMG!!!!!!!

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

The good news: most of the people who saw you struggling? They're parent's and they've been there. When I see a child doing the screaming/tantrum/limp thing, I want to go hug the parent, because I know how it feels.

The creative, make-up-their-own-words kids who like to see how much of the dog will fit into that tiny box... they are much more difficult to parent, but that's just because they're so smart.

I wish I had some advice, but mostly trying to keep my cool and be consistent seems to do the best work. Of course that's only every other day when I can work up the effort to do it. ;) My son is almost 4, and as much as I stressed about the terrible twos, I miss the innocence of those 2yo eyes and that sweet smile he flashed whenever we were getting along. As long as you can enjoy that, you'll both be fine. Right? Please tell me we'll all be fine....!

Fifi Flowers said...

LOL... how many times have I said can I send this kid back... LOL... ooooh well... at least they give us something to talk about!