My love for Eric Schaeffer is still a go...

So since I had like zero followers when I wrote my blogs about Eric Schaeffer, no one is probably going to understand (or honestly care) about the status of my infatuation with him,but that's OK because I write for me and me alone. So I'm happy to say that my adoration meter is tilting a little further up after this recent episode of "I can't Believe I'm still Single". See, my love was starting to falter a little bit with the new season because it seemed more about him trying to get laid (along with his narcosis growing madly out of control at the same time) and less about a quest for true understanding of love.

I was starting to get a little discontent after the last episode where one second he was praising a chick in a cafe and the next he was telling her to get her coffee to go and leave him alone because her hot friend, he was more interested in, had just showed arrived. Something about that irked me. Along with the fact that he falls in love with every chick he meets, just like another ex-boyfriend of mine. Yes I know I should love him for all his kooky ways, even if that means accepting his incredibly short attention span and need for instant gratification that blows cold so quickly. But something about that just seemed a little selfish. Seemed a little too much like someone else in my past that this man reminds me so much of it makes me literally nauseous.
But after tonight's episode I must say that he has redeemed himself a little. Now the crew has finally hit the road and we get to see Eric's beloved banter with the other passengers in the car and with himself. His narcosis is now lovable again and not uncomfortable, and when you see him become emotional after visiting his Father and his sister you can't help but adore the man all over again. Even if he spent most of the episode infatuating about Canadian whores, I'm proud to say that I'm still borderline obsessive with Mr. Schaeffer and all is well in my little world again.


OSTerizer said...

I couldn't agree more. I was sick yesterday, and sadly still am, and something possessed me to start this group on FB. It is called Eric Schaeffer: I can't believe we are still not in a relationship.
You must join.