Apologize for my absence!

As you may have noticed, I haven't been posting much lately (and the reviews and giveaways are piling up!). Recently I had a little medical emergency which turned out to me a stupid ulcer. I guess too much stress, working, a crazy two year old, and copious amounts of caffine, will eventually result in a little ulcer friend growing inside me that make me feel like I had reached the pits of sickness hell. I HATE feeling bed-ridden and sick, but it was also a major wake up call that I need to start taking way better care of myself and try to slow down as much as I can, as well as eat a hell of a lot better then I have been lately.
But anyway, I'm SOOOOOOO far behind on my reviews and I deeply apologize to all the wonderful companies I'm working with. I promise everything will be caught up soon. I just need to pace myself a little better. But I guardsmen some great reviews and giveaways will still be on there way

Just like my ModBe swimsuit giveaway that ends in a couple days! Make sure to enter!


Beth W said...

You focus on feeling better! *hugs*

1955nurse said...

Sorry you are not feeling well! Hope you have a handle on the 'Ulcer' thing - it CAN be very serious! Do what your Doc says, and you'll soon be feeling great :)