Anyone have or had very young toddlers that wear glasses??

I'm asking because I'm pretty damn sure O is going to need them. This is something I worried about since I was pregnant because I knew her chances of needing them were very likely. My husband has three kids from a previous marriage and all three of them wear glasses, along with all three of his sisters and his mom. So it's something I always kept a look out for since she was a baby. And now the day has come. I notice that when she focuses on something or is watching her show on TV one of her eyes goes a little "cock-eyed". Then when I would call her name to grab her attention it would like move back. And when my husband noticed it (who is always in complete denial of ANYTHING ever being wrong because he thinks i worry too much) I knew that I wasn't alone in seeing something was off. Plus, one of his daughter's has a lazy eye and he said this is exactly how it started off. I am glad I'm catching it now because my niece has a lazy eye and they don't think they caught it early enough and now she is still having problems. It sucks for her and my sister!
But anywhoo, I'm wondering if any of you mommies have kids that needed glasses at a very very young age like this. What was your experience like at the eye exam (because I know it's not going to be pleasant with this child), and how on earth did you get a toddler to wear glasses?? Any experiences or advice would be kindly appreciated. Thats why I love having this blog. I always get great input from you guys!!


JaMean said...

My cousin wore them as a baby (Maybe 1- 2 years old) to correct this very problem. She wore them for maybe 2 years, but they were successful and her eyes are normal and her vision is great.

Flip side: I teach Autistic kids. The parents were told her eyes would "fix themselves" without any treatment. She will be in 2nd grade and is having eye surgery to correct her lazy eye over the summer.

Best Advice: talk to your peditrician. He/She knows your daughter. Follow your gut mommy instinct on anything he says that makes you uncomfortable. Get a 2nd or 3rd opinion if it makes you feel better. Good luck!

Unknown said...

When my daughter was 9 months old, our pediatrician tested her vision and found out she was farsighted. We were referred to an eye specialist. She started wearing glasses at 2 1/2, and I was quite upset initially because her vision had seemed quite fine to me. However, she got used to the glasses faster than I expected. We went through several pairs very quickly because the other little kids she plays with would be curious and sometimes pull off the glasses. It's become much better now, and she is quite used to wearing them.
So, I would discuss it with the pediatrician first, and go see an opthamologist if you need to - I would act sooner than later. Sometimes things can correct on their own but I'd get a professional opinion. And, wearing glasses is not the worst thing - I know that now ;-)