Jon and Hate Plus 8 Debacle

I came across this spot on post by Diares of the Professor , and I have to say that every single hilarious word of it it so true. I agree with everything he says and have predicted the downfall of these two crooks a long time ago. Yes I am Ant-Gosselin and if you aren't too then something is either really wrong with you, you have never watched the show, or you are just plain slow-witted. I'm sorry but you can't honestly believe that these two money-grubbing Anti-Christians could possibly be good parents.

Octo-mom is mother fucking Teresa compared to these two schmucks. And in all honesty, I don't blame poor Jon from straying from the monster with the dead animal on her head. Really I don't. Put yourself in the poor guys place. He marries a woman that he loves, has two beautiful twin girls that he adores, then even though they admittedly didn't have enough money to do so, his wife tells him she got a message from god or something and took a bunch of fertility drugs and popped out a heard of children. Now here is this dude who is very young and very immature, and he is literally thrust into this incredibly challenging life. He is forced into the spotlight and now expected to hold his responsibility as a father ten-fold. Yes, I believe he stuck around and did his duty because he loves those children. But what Kate did next was so unfair to the guy. When you have one child you need your family there (if you are close to them) to help you out, support you, teach you all the little tips and tricks to having a baby. But what did Kate do? She begun the first of isolation techniques to remove all other family members from the situation. I can't claim to know what the story is behind all that, but I do know that one day they were close to the family and the next moment Kate is saying "These people just aren't in the kids lives anymore". And this was one of several instances like this where family members suddenly disappeared. So here Jon was, a father to 10, without even as little as his mama to hold his hand. And then what happens? She becomes so addicted to the money, fame, and freebies that her head grows so incredibly big that she has no shame in even cutting her own good Christian husband down on camera for the entire world to see over and over again.
I'm not going to go on and list all the many other things that make Kate and Jon horrible and greedy. I mean all you got to do is watch the show, watch their itinerary, and view the proof of all the spending and church appearances. But I'm glad it's all finally crashing down on them. Sure it's sad for the kids, but it's not any worse then all the shit they have already gone through and all the damage that has been done. If Kate truly loved them, then she would be with them right now beginning the healing process. But where is dear Katie? Still shucking out yet another stupid book of hers and appearing on talk show after talk show. And don't tell me that she is contractually obligated to do it either. The bitch has so much money right now she doesn't have to do anything she doesn't want to. I'm sorry but if a huge scandal hit my family, my children would not be left to be comforted by the many nannies that I left in charge. But then again I'm not a snake like Kate Gosselin.