I don't care what Gawker says....I still love Eric Schaeffer

Before recently, I honestly didn't know who the hell Eric Schaeffer was. I remember watching "Starved" when it was still brilliantly on the air, and thinking that he was cute, but I was familiar with all that he had done before. I've even seen bits and pieces of "If Lucy Fell" when it would play on a loop on cable, and didn't even make the connection then. But one weekend last year I was bored, found nothing to be on TV, so I went to my trustee On Demand menu. That is where I found all episodes of Eric Shaeffer's docu/show "I Can't Believe I'm Still Single". After the very first few minutes I was enamored. Then realizing that this was the hot dude from "Starved" I settled myself into watching all 14 episodes straight through.
There was just something about this Eric dude that got to me. I must admit that at first it was mostly because he literally reminded me 100% of a man I had a long and gruelling relationship with years ago. Never in my life did I think I would ever witness or encounter anyone else like this guy. It was impossible! But there Eric was in full glory and neurosis. He truly is a character and it's really hard to describe in words the many different ways his personality pulls him. He is obsessive yet oddly grounded, sees beauty in everything and everyone yet is compulsive about his own looks, he is a yogist and spiritualist yet he's moving at a thousand miles a minute, and most of all he is so infatuated with finding a wife to love but can't seem to stop himself from doing things that push women quickly away.
The whole point of his show (well the 1st season) was to find love. He had written a book on his experiences with love and decided to go on a book tour while documenting his experiences with meeting women along the way. Throughout the entire season we get a really in dept look inside Eric. There are times when I'm not quite sure if this is really him or something he is putting on for the cameras. I mean he is an actor and an artist and they tend to be "on" when they should be being themselves. But if that was truly 100% real I would be existed just being him and living as him 24/7. He is constantly on the prowl using the mighty powers of the Internets social networking sites, talking to women (fans) who are interested in him. Grueling them with questions that literally catch them off guard and only going by his interesting little set of standards he had created for his search. The main criteria are that, first, they must be between the ages of like 23 and 35, because he wants to be able to have kids. Second, they cannot drink or smoke because I believe he is in recovery, and lastly they must be ready and willing to get married and start a family within 5 years. This seems to scare a lot of women, but I kind of agree with him. He is 45 and really has no time to waste on this shit so might as well get cracking. Also, the main theme of his show seems to be the topic of chemistry and instant connection. He says that if there isn't an instant spark between him and a women within the first like second of meeting then there is no point in continuing to pursue a relationship. True, he will still sleep with them in a second, but not consider them to be his future wife. A lot of people seemed to have had a problem with this and I don't really understand why. Chemistry between people exists for a reason. That is how the universe tells you that you have found someone to pair up with, if even for a short while, and continue experiencing life together. Sure you can meet someone you find attractive and nice, go on date, and maybe even marry them, but to have that fierce passion that you only find a couple times in life, there must be energy in the air between two people. Although it may not all still be there right now it was like that between me and my husband. In fact, it was like that with every guy (there aren't really many) that I've had relationships with. But with Paul it was absolutely instant. One true time that someone can say it was love at first site was when Paul and I met. I was 19 and he was completely not my type what so ever. I came to work for a company and he was supposed to be my manager. When he came to greet me in the entrance and I saw him for the first time there was literally a zap that went through me and I instantly knew right then and there that I was going to marry him and be with him for a long long time. I didn't know how it was going to happen, and he barely spoke two words to me, but I just knew we would end up together.
So I totally get Eric's ordeal. He wants that sensation and spark to occur right away when he finds his future wife, but I think that when you are anticipating it the way he is, it makes it hard to know when it's actually happening. Like you may be thinking, "OK is this it? This is it right?" because you want it to be there so bad. But I really commend him for not selling himself short. He knows what he wants, and knows that he isn't getting any younger/
But anyway, my whole point of this is that I swear if I were single I would do my damnest to date Eric Schaeffer. He literally will give a go to just about anyone and although he is semi-famous and actually pretty adored in the independent film circle, he will talk to and date regular people. He has even written me back on myspace before. But for all the people that dig his work and who he is, there are about a million more who hate him. They think he is a disgusting chauvinistic pig who uses women and goes through them like tissue. They think his fetishes are sick and wrong, and overall just think he is a complete tool. But to me, he is the type of guy I would completely and utterly want to be with. I have a thing for incredibly funny guys (not Paul) and more so for men who have deep philosophical insight and ideas. There are honestly a million things about Eric Schaeffer that scared me to witness because these were all things that I either had in common or sought after in guys. I am almost boarder line obsessed with the guy and maybe it is safer for him that I am married. I mean, in my hay day I was pretty good looking, and his standards when it comes to looks isn't exactly through the roof, so I'm pretty sure I could at least get him interested enough to take me on date or preferable to fly me to New York and make me his special vegan brownies. I honestly think I would probably like cyber stalk him and use all my charm until he gave in.
So I can't wait for the second season of his show to start tomorrow, and I'm really interested in seeing if he even comes remotely close to finding love. I'm honestly rooting for the guy, because it would really take a special certain kind of someone to be able to tolerate his madness. And if the universe lines up right one day, maybe I will divorce, find myself living in NYC, and dating Eric Schaeffer.