Mother's Day should be everyday.

Seriously, and I know I'm not alone here, but don't you think that having a single measly day to celebrate the wonderment that is mothers, IS a little bit lacking? Mothers are the key to the entire universe I believe and deserve much more. I may not be the greatest mother by far, but the things that I have seen and witnessed mothers do is truly amazing and worth more then just 24 hours of recognition. We should have an entire month!
I will never forget that first week after giving birth to Olivia. Not only was I thinking, "what the crap did I just get myself in to?" I was in complete awe and wonderment of how incredibly strong and magical mothers actually were. I remember calling my big sister and just crying like mad that I didn't know what I was doing, the kid wouldn't stop crying, I was beyond exhausted, couldn't get breastfeeding to work, and thinking that I had made a huge mistake cause I just wasn't cut out to be a mom. And she said to me, "OK it may not be working out but just think about all that you are doing right now!" Only a mother could put themselves through complete emotional hell like that. You grew that baby for 9 months and protected it, and here you are...a complete wreck but you are still here". And then I realized that moms WERE super-heroes. All the things that they can do and all the hats that they can wear is something so unbelievable to witness. There are so many examples I can't even begin to list, but when you hear about a mother working 5 jobs to feed their kid, or a mother selling her body in a desolate country because her kids are starving, it just makes you wonder why all we get are some presents and a card on one particular day. I'm not saying that everyone is unappreciative, so please hold back on the badgering. All I'm doing is writing about how wonderful it all is if you really think about it. Everything in the universe is created or born....who does the creating and birthing? Everything needs to be nurtured to survive and grow...who does the protecting and tending? A woman's body is literally built to grow life and then feed that life with our very own souls and bodies. It's crazy!
The woman has always been the creator, the starter of wars, the subjects of poems, the despair and longing of artists and Kings. And you never love anyone like you love your mother. A mother can never be replaced.
So on this Mother's Day of course do the usual. Take your wife/mom out to dinner, buy her flowers, let her take a break without being disturbed by her tantrum throwing two year old (hint hint Paul) but try to let that celebration and praise carry-on throughout the year. Remember what moms do and keep that memory fresh. I only wish that we were born with the knowledge of knowing how much our mothers love us. I think adolescence would be so much different if we did. If I knew as a kid how much my parents had to endure and hurt watching me go through the things I had to go through then I think I would have turned out differently. And you only truly understand that deep love when you eventually have a child of your own. And now I can only wish that my child will grow up understanding, if only a smidgen, how complete I am now that she is here. And that I don't exist without her. So please Happy Mother's YEAR everyone!


News Around The Blogs said...

Thanks, we should be appreciated every day

Beth W said...

Amen! :) Seriously, things like honoring and celebrating (and acting with gratitude toward) the people who sacrificed to make you happy, healthy, and successful should be a constant. The idea of celebrating an emotional concept (like Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Valentine's Day) Are largely based in capitalistic exploitation. You don't have to buy stuff for someone to show that you love them, and nor should you on only one day per year! Anyone who cares for a child and protects them so much ought to have their own frikkin' parade, every Saturday! :)