I Can't Believe I'm Still Single Season 2

So the long wait of many months finally came to an end for me when the season 2 premier of Eric (my mega mega infatuation) Schaeffer's show aired a couple nights ago, and my thoughts are a tad mixed. Don't get me wrong, I was totally happy to see my fantasy boyfriend on screen again, but I have a funny feeling that this season may not be as rewarding to my mind as the first one. And if this episode set the tone for the rest of the season, I may very well be disappointed. First off,

beside from the original "cast" of Eric, his producer Em (who is adorable and the one true voice of reason among the madness), and the camera man Stass, they added Eric's long loved friend from his drug injecting, whore-screwing days. So far, the dude is kind of obnoxious, and you can only have one attention loving personality in a compact space at once time or else your head starts to hurt. So I don't really know why they brought the dude in. If I find out that SHOtime thought Em and Stass were too boring or something I will boycott the channel. You could lock Eric Scheaffer in an empty closet by himself and you'd be entertained with what he comes up with.
So, his friend is supposedly there to help him along his voyage and "scope" out all the chicks he's supposed to go on dates with. Which brings me to my next point. For this season, Eric has picked out 10 lucky ladies from myspace that he will go on dates with throughout the trip in hopes of finding his future wife. Now I get that this is the whole objective of the show. But what I loved about last season was that not only was Eric looking for love, but he found so much more along the way during the road trip. In each episode he would encounter people from all across America and ask them their opinions on love and life, or to tell him their own personal love story. This is what I ADORED about the show. It was so incredibly sweet and charming to watch him take advice from complete strangers from different ends of the country and different kinds of communities. It not only taught me many different valuable lessons, but it also warmed my heart to hear all the many different stories about how couples met or how they have managed to stay together.
Throughout the season there were many epiphany-like moments that Eric seemed to encounter and it felt like you, the viewer, were going through them with him. That is why the show seemed more personal then anything else I'd ever seen on TV, and that is why there is a second season now. But if this season will solely be about him going on a new date every single week, then having booty-calls on the side, with no other substance in between, people are going to be really disappointed. I mean I'm not jumping the gun yet, because it was only the first episode, but I'm really crossing my fingers that the rest won't mirror the premier. During the episode he goes on a date with a chick named Wendy Ho, a performance artist who sings "fuck me" songs in a black person's voice. Granted, she seemed "kinda" funny at times, but totally not for Eric. And then at the end of the date she reveals that she has a boyfriend and swears that she told Eric all about it. Eric then acts crushed and we are left wondering if this bitch only agreed to the date so she could get some major publicity for herself, or if he just threw her in the mix of potential wives to give us something interesting to catch our eye the first season. After all, she does teach us what a poop noodle is, and I thought I had heard everything.
So, I'm really crossing fingers that this season doesn't bum me out with disappointment. I love being one of the few people who really get and love Mr. Schaeffer, and I want to keep it that way.