Sky Ranch Foundation

I really want to share a foundation with you guys that is super important to me and my husband. Well, mostly to my husband but I think it's something important enough to spread the word about. It's called the Sky Ranch Foundation and it raises money for the Sky Ranch Boys Home is South Dakota. In 1950 a priest named Father Don Murray found himself looking after a few troubled boys at his rectory in the tiny town of Buffalo, South Dakota. He used a small plane to travel his large "territory" and soon found it could help him with the boys. Teaching them to fly really changed their outlook. But the priest had a dream and needed a lot of help to make it happen. He found the help, and so did thousands of boys who have been helped since then at Sky Ranch. Sky Ranch for Boys was incorporated in 1960. At first, the Bishop of Rapid City served as Chairman of the Board. From the start, however, it was agreed by all that the ranch would be non-sectarian, emphasizing the power of spirituality to help people without favoring one religion over another.

By 1963, 3,000 acres of ranchland on the Montana-South Dakota border had been acquired, and the first buildings were going up.Sky Ranch for Boys continues to help troubled kids (age 12-17) from all parts of America and plans on doing so for a long time to come! Some of the original buildings are nearing the end of their useful life and planning for rehabilitation or replacement has begun.

Sky Ranch is well known among professionals in the field for an outstanding success rate. More than 90% of boys sent to Sky Ranch successfully complete the program! During a single school year at Sky Ranch, most boys gain 2 or more grade levels in the school work they are able to handle. Many go on to very successful lives in a wide variety of fields.

The program has been enhanced recently by the implementation of a "Corrective Thinking" approach. Boys are held responsible for their errors and taught to think through how to avoid problems in the future. It has been very well received by boys and staff.

See my husband was sent to Sky Ranch when he was 17 and stayed there for a year. He went through a lot as a kid and got into a lot of trouble, and instead of having a judge send him to a juvenile detention center, he was luckily sent to Sky Ranch. He has told me so many stories about this place and has a ton of positive and wonderful memories about being there. He got his pilot license there, which is something he has always been proud of, and learned how to take care of horses. It was really something that he needed in his life at that time and he will always remember the place. I've been encouraging him that one day we will move to South Dakota (his dream state) and he will work at that ranch. I honestly believe it's his calling because no one will know what those boys are going through like him, and he is awesome with kids.
But this ranch and organization are so important and really needs help from outside sources. Even if it's small donations, they would still make a huge difference. This ranch is an awesome alternative to being locked up and instills leadership, responsibility, and positive learning during a time when boys need it the most. I couldn't imagine how being a locked cell is going to make a troubled kid turn his life around. Sometimes you come out of those places learning more negative things then you came in with. We need more places like Sky Ranch with people who really care so much about these kids and that are willing to do what they can to make a difference in their lives. Please take a moment to check out this foundation and spread the word...