National Marrow Donor Program

In light of a recent news story I came across about a little boy in Manhattan who was diagnosed with an extremely rare form of Leukemia, and who is currently looking for a matching bone marrow donor, I came across the National Marrow Donor Program. Now we all know how important it can be to people with cancer and leukemia to find a matching bone marrow donor in order to literally save their lives. And most people are either too afraid of the pain to even see if they are a potential match, or they have no way of going about finding out if they are. This is where the registry comes in. Now I had no idea this existed or even how easy it was. What you do is, is you sign up for the registry and then they send you a little kit with stuff to swab your cheek with, and then you send the sample back. They keep your results in a data base and when a doctor/patients does a search for particular bone marrow and they find a match in the registry, you then have the chance to save someone's life. Now there is a fee for filing (which is tax deductible and can be paid in portions...and it's really not that much) but that is only because this registry needs funds to keep going. They keep your data on file until you are 60 years old. There are some other guidelines that you might want to check out if interested. I honestly think this is such an important thing that everyone needs to do. I know you hear horror stories about the pain of marrow donation, but just think; a couple weeks of discomfort to save someone's (possibly a child's) life. If you or your family member were sick wouldn't you want there to be plenty of available donors around to help you out? The least you can do is check the site out. Me and my husband are definitely going to be doing it!


Congrats Team Broadsword!!

Congratulations to my friends Jim Balent and Holly Golightly of Broadsword Comics! Their comic book, Tarot Witch of the Black Rose, was ranked #2 Hottest Indie Comic in Wizard Magazine! If you are comic-book nerd like me you will understand how incredibly awesome this is. I'm so proud of these two. They have come such a long way with running this label on their own, and now it is like madly popular. From across the world people are loving Tarot and it's so awesome. If you like comics, or just beautiful art, you have to check out Tarot Witch of The Black Rose. The pictures are amazing, the characters are beautiful, and the message is very empowering to women (and to everyone). Jim and Holly are honestly the most gracious artists to their fans. They are always there to answer an e-mail or questions, and they have become friends of mine simply from me loving their comic back. I mean anyone who can obtain a personalized autograph of my savior and king Glenn Danzig will always be number one in my book. Congrats guys! you work so hard and deserve all the great things coming your way!

P.S. this is not a review. I'm not gaining anything (besides love) from these two. I am just honestly proud of em!


Yay for progess!!!!!!!!

Wow other then the impending doom for the Swine-flu. Today is a great day!!

The Senate in New Hampshire voted on Wednesday to legalize gay marriage.

The legislation will go into effect on January 1st, 2010, unless it is vetoed by Governor John Lynch, a Democrat. (let's hope not)

Lynch has said publicly that he opposes same-sex marriage, but has not commented as to whether he would veto legislation legalizing gay marriage.

If Lynch declines to take any action to block the legislation, the bill will automatically pass into law. The New Hampshire House of Representatives approved the bill on March 26th.

New Hampshire would be the fifth state in the U.S. to allow same-sex marriage if the legislation is passed into law.

That's right people! Equality for ALL!


Did the ancient Mayans predict the end of the world?

The end is near. Or is it here?

You can be forgiven for believing it is.

Volcanoes in Alaska, earthquakes in Italy, war in the Middle East, floods in the Midwest.

And don't forget Sept. 11 and Hurricane Katrina.

If an $11 trillion debt and your shrinking 401(k) aren't causing you enough anxiety, here's another set of numbers to worry about: Dec. 21, 2012.

That date marks the end of a 5,000-year epoch as determined by the Mayan Long Count calendar, a device that ticks off days since the Mayan mythical creation date in 3114 B.C. It's been hijacked by New Age seekers and seers who interpret its end date as representing either a shift in human consciousness or an apocalyptic event.

Without the portent they impose upon it, the date marks the winter solstice and four shopping days until Christmas, and has the significance of the flipping of an odometer.

But to deny the date's influence is to ignore the network of books and Web sites that promote it, and the end-time themes that are appearing in dramatic narrative.

The two strands intersect literally this fall in the disaster film "2012," which asks: "How would the governments of our planet prepare 6 billion people for the end of the world?"

Doomsday also is the subject of films like "Knowing," in which solar flares threaten Earth; "Watchmen," whose characters are concerned about a nuclear war; "I Am Legend," in which mankind has been decimated by plague; and "Terminator Salvation," in which machines destroy humanity.

Sometimes, havoc rather than destruction is portrayed. In "Angels and Demons," due in theaters May 15, Tom Hanks battles a shadowy group called the Illuminati. On Fox TV's "Fringe," something called "the Pattern" is responsible for a series of ghastly events.

Modern popular culture is rife with such art-imitates-life metaphors. Radioactive creatures ran rampant in Japanese films post-Hiroshima. Cold War and Red Scare-era films were portraits of mistrust and uncertainty.

And much escapism produced since 9-11 is distinctly dystopian.

Dave Gibbons, who illustrated the "Watchmen" graphic novel upon which the movie was based and wrote the book "Watching the Watchmen" about his creative process, said his own "absurd" duck-and-cover experiences influenced the way he portrayed the Cold War atmosphere in the book, written by Alan Moore.

"There have always been doomsday scenarios, from prehistory through the Bible, to modern fiction," Gibbons said in an audio file sent in response to a reporter's questions. "I think it's a perennial concern of mankind that it will just come to an end someday."

Rather than attach any significance to prophecies or conspiracies to doomsday, Gibbons suspects "that if it ever does happen, it will be on a Tuesday afternoon. When no one's looking."

"Going back 300 years ago, it was witches and supernatural beings," said Robert Bonadurer, director of the Daniel M. Soref Planetarium and Humphrey IMAX Dome Theater at the Milwaukee Public Museum.

"And as we moved into the space age, it was flying saucers."

The current round of doomsday scenarios is simply the latest in a long line of such manifestations, said Bonadurer.
Apocalypse now?

And they are a sign of the times.

Jeffrey Kaplan, associate professor of religion at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, said doomsday concerns appear at times of the greatest social stress.

"And certainly we are living in one right now," he said. "And when fear rises, millennial and apocalyptic beliefs crest."

Apocalyptic texts are common to all religions, and most of them celebrate "what comes after the end. The new beginning," said Kaplan, author of "Millennial Violence: Past, Present and Future."

"Go into any church on Sunday and you'll find a room full of millenarians. It's very mainstream."

But when people act on such beliefs and try to "force the end," he said, violence can occur. "That type of violence is a subset of terrorist groups."

This possibility concerns the most objective observers.

Brian D'Amato is "very skeptical" about 2012 prophecies, but he worries about "trends intersecting around now, or around then, that are very disturbing," like climate change and species extinction.

"There is no reason the same people who shoot up a school or civic organization can't get hold of ricin or anthrax," said D'Amato, author of "In the Courts of the Sun," a literary thriller set in modern and ancient Mayan times that combines the scientific and fantastic. In his book, characters seek to prevent an act of end-times violence.

John Major Jenkins, a writer and independent researcher whom The New York Times described as bringing "academic rigor" to the discussion of the Mayan calendar, said doomsday prophecies made in association with the 2012 date "are more revealing about the preoccupations and biases of our own culture" than anything the Maya believed.

But "now that there's such hysteria projected onto that date, there's a sociological probability" something could occur, he admitted.
In the Maya of the beholder

Jenkins said his research revealed that the Mayans believed the date presented an opportunity for "transformation and renewal."

Daniel Pinchek is similarly oriented. Pinchek, author of "2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl," whose title refers to a mythical beast, said that although he "is not a fundamentalist" about the date itself, "it's clear that we're in an amazing process right now, and it's extraordinary the Maya targeted this particular time like a bull's-eye."

Pinchek, founder of the Web magazine and the social network, believes 2012 is "an opportunity to create a new awakening" and to use "the ethical capacities we've developed to make a world that works for everybody."

But it is unclear what, if anything, the date meant to the Maya, said Andrea Stone, professor of art history at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

"It would have been the conclusion of a major calendrical cycle . . .  but we have no idea of how they saw the implications of the end of that cycle or if they worried about it," said Stone, whose specialty is Mayan art and hieroglyphics.

The Maya flourished in Central America from about 300 B.C. to 900 A.D., when their civilization disappeared for reasons mostly unknown, although millions of ethnic Maya remain. Four ancient Mayan texts survived the invasion of the Spanish conquistadors, and what is known about them today is drawn from these writings and archaeological finds.

A display of Mayan pottery and figurines at the Milwaukee Public Museum calls them "the Greeks of the New World."

"The Maya were great astronomers," D'Amato said, and they were "especially concerned with solstices and equinoxes."

This dovetails with Jenkins' research that shows the 2012 date coincides with what he describes as "a rare astronomical alignment" of the winter solstice sun and the axis of the Milky Way, called the galactic or celestial equator.

Bonadurer, an astronomer, explicitly disputes this: They do not align on that date, he wrote in an e-mail.

For her part, Stone calls "the solstice thing interesting."

The Maya "loved these kinds of alignments," she said. And they saw the Milky Way as a "path, a road, a river." But, she said, they were unaware of the celestial equator. And she said they did not invent the long count calendar, but borrowed it from neighbors and refined it.
Learning from apocalyptic fear

While some in the academic and scientific community refused to speak on the topic, Bonadurer embraces 2012 as an educational opportunity.

"We don't want people to be scared of the future, but to embrace the joy of learning, and that is a fantastic process," he said.

Stone thinks Mayanists "are not too unhappy" about the attention, which means they are studying "one of the coolest cultures in the world."

And she equates the transformative possibilities the date represents to some with an experience she had at an open-air Art Garfunkel concert.

"The sun was setting, the crescent moon appeared and Venus, as the evening star in opposition to it, was intensely bright as he was singing," she said.

"And it was so incredibly beautiful I was totally inspired by it and jealous of the Maya. This was the kind of thing they paid attention to. So I don't begrudge the New Age people for getting that kind of inspiration from their calendar and their great cycle of time.

"It is," she said, "something to respect."

By Duane Dudek of the Journal Sentinel


Free Comic Book day!!!

Free comic book day is one of my favorite days of course, because I am a COMIC BOOK FANATIC. I love everything comic books and hell I even starred in one myself!! So I'd love to remind you all (and if you have kids this is a fun thing to do) that May 2nd is Free Comic Book Day! Head on over to your local comic book store and ask for your free comic book. Tons of fun to be had...


Poetry Corner -Buckowski

Carson McCullers by Charles Buckowski

she died of alcoholism
wrapped in a blanket
on a deck chair
on an ocean

all her books of
terrified loneliness

all her books about
the cruelty
of loveless love

were all that was left
of her

as the strolling vacationer
discovered her body

notified the captain

and she was quickly dispatched
to somewhere else
on the ship

as everything
continued just
she had written it

And The Moon And The Stars And The World - Buckowski

Long walks at night--
that's what good for the soul:
peeking into windows
watching tired housewives
trying to fight off
their beer-maddened husbands.


Do most people not understand what a blog is?

Apparently not, so let me explain it to you. A blog consists of someone's thoughts and opinions. It consists of things that they want to say, because it is their blog. It really isn't that hard to understand? So if you would honestly like for me to solely write a blog consisting of things that you, the reader, approves of only, then you are sadly sadly mistaken. Seriously folks, is it so incredibly wrong to have your very own blog where you can place, write, post, blog, bitch, moan, piss off, and do whatever the shit you want? Really it isn't that hard to simply NOT click on my blog. I know I know, it's hard because you became a follower for a giveaway, and cannot help yourself but to create an entirely new profile in order to let me know what your brilliant little mind thinks of me, and there isn't much I can do about it. But like I've said a million times. There are sooooooo many more things you can worry about in this world. Take the Pig flu for instance! Honestly, as much as you'd love to think otherwise, if you didn't come to my blog, you wouldn't be missed my friend.


Pretty clouds? Or sign of Impending Doom?

Everyone who knows me knows that my greatest fear (besides something happening to my daughter, although this goes hand in hand) is living to see an apocalypse. I have literally had hundreds of dreams since I was a little kid about it occurring and there I am having to run through the streets from a mushroom cloud, or hide in the hills with a shotgun from looters. So you can see how this little swine flu occurrence is scaring the holy shit out of me. At first I didn't really freak out too much, because it would be mentioned here or there on the news. Then yesterday, after going to the Las Vegas Strip with my family...where there are tourist from all around the world and country....I turn on the news to see that it has spread and stuff. My heart started beating a little fast, and I started to feel a little bit of dread in my guts. I swear to god if this turns into the Superflu or something (I'm a huge fan of Stephen King) I don't know what I will do. I don't even want to leave the house. And I don't understand why they are letting people come from Mexico back into Las Vegas. Hello? The flu is in Mexico...why wouldn't you Quarantine it? Stupid government. And in all the movies the newscasters will say "It's OK. We aren't worried yet". And what always happens? BAM! The movie Outbreak is what happens. Samuel L Jackson was right when he said "I don't be diggin on no swine".


Las Vegas AIDS Walk 2009...Success!

So last Sunday me, Paul, and Olivia were lucky enough to participate in this year's AIDS walk. Not only was it tons of fun, but it was a major sucess. AFAN raised over 100,000 dollars and over 7,000 people participated.

I just love going to things like this. Seeing a bunch of different people from all walks of life coming together for a good cause, just really warms my heart. And not a lot of things can make me actually feel warm and fuzzy, but seeing others do good, just for the sake of doing good, really gives me some faith in humanity. I can't wait to do it again next year and help raise some more money.
Not only did Olivia get to ride her first pony
She also met her first Drag Queen And I met Penn from Penn and Teller. Can't wait to use my free tickets to see their show on the strip!! Love those Atheist magical bastards.... Along the way we got to hear some cool bands and see some awesome street art downtown Can't wait for next year!


R.I.P Bea Arthur

As many of you have heard today, Miss Bea Arthur has passed away. Now everyone has their favorite Golden Girl and mine was always "Dorothy". She was smart-assed and sharp-tounged like no other character on TV, and facial expressions alone were enough to cut someone's stupidity to absolute shreds. The other reason this show and this character are close to my heart is because of my Great Aunt Nada. My Great Aunt practically raised me and I have very fond memories of staying at her retirement complex for the summers and watching Golden Girls at night while she fed me all kinds of goodies. She would crack up at Dorothy's one-liners and although I was too little to understand the dirty jokes I still enjoyed watching it with her. As I got older I started watching re-runs and really couldn't believe some of the stuff they were pulling back then. I mean some really dirty shit sometimes and it's funny that my Aunt let me watch But seriously, the comedic and theatric world has really lost a very special talent tonight. Good-bye Dorothy....

And as you can tell from this clip I posted, she was a ground-breaker as well.


So I watched Grey Gardens...

Really, how could I not? You can't criticize and talk crap about something without seeing it in the first place. It's not like I watched it legally and paid for it or anything. And I have to say that it wasn't AS repulsive as I thought it would be.

In fact, it was actually pretty damn sad. I knew the story of these women, I saw the real Grey Gardens of course, but this told the story of how they got to where they were. In a way I could kind of relate to Big Edie. I have a daughter and the thought of her growing up, not needing me, and then eventually leaving me, makes me cry like a baby. Who wouldn't want to keep their little girl with them forever? But of course we cannot do that, and this story shows you exactly why. Big Edie wasn't a horrible, wretched, miserable, and mean mother. In fact, she loved Little Edie very much. It's just that back then they didn't know about mental disorders like they do now, and obviously Big E had agoraphobia of some sort.
Now as for Drew Berrymore's performance, I of course was disappointed but what can I do? Jessica Lang is a great actress so it's not like she could mess the part up. But in the end the movie just showed me that you CANNOT let life pass you by. It goes so incredibly fast sometimes, and the days can just run together, and before you know it you are older and wondering where the hell the time went.


Free Ice Cream Day!!

Ben and Jerry's had free ice cream day and it was awesome. My sister took me, O, and her daughter and the kid's effing loved it! Hope everyone got to take advantage.


Homemade Beauty Regimines

Unless you are going to find an awesome deal at CVS for beauty and skin care products, now isn't really the time to be spending a ton of money on them. And you really don't have to if you think about it. I mean what did the women of ancient times do to keep beautiful? They certainly didn't have botox and Loreal that is for sure. And if you look at some of the women from around the world who have been using their own homemade products and natural ingredients for centuries, they are some of the most beautiful people I've ever seen. So I wanted to share the few homemade things that I have been using for a while that work absolutely great. First off I have been doing egg-white masks for about a year now and I find that it really works great to get some tightening in your skin. It's super easy and quick too. All you have to do it get some egg whites in a bowl, mix them up a little so they are a little frothy, and apply it to your skin like a mask. You can use your fingers or a brush or whatever you prefer. Then you leave it on for about 15 minutes. It will harden and feel weird, but once you rinse it off you can definitely see a change to your skin. It will seem tighter and glowing. And always make sure to use a good moisturizer afterward. Moisturizing is like the number one beauty secret in the history of women I swear. Egg white masks are ideal to use right before going to a special night out or something too. The second homemade beauty product I use is cucumber peels. Also very simple. Just peel a cucumber and place the peels all over your face. Just leave them on for 20 minutes while you lay or sit down watching TV or reading. Then when you remove them your skin will be very soft and also glowing. Now my third one is one that I think a lot of women use. Beer on your hair. Drench your hair in a can of beer, rinse, and voila! Instant shine.
I'd love to hear everyone else's natural beauty regimens if you have any. I really enjoy hearing about recipes passed down from grandmother to mother to daughter. Because let's face it beauty secrets shared between women is one of the funnest parts of being apart of the female race!


Oh how lovely...

So I'm washing dishes in the kitchen today and I hear my daughter giggling like a freaking maniac. I walk into the living room and see that she has done this to the poor cat..

Yes that is a kitten in an Easter basket. The cat totally didn't seem to even mind...


Remake of Grey Gardens = Blasphemy

OK first of all, they shouldn't have even made a remake of this movie in the first place. Apparently the status of "Cult Classic" has no merit anymore. It is a classic because of what it is, and it can never be duplicated. But if they absolutely have to ruin such a profound movie they could have at least placed a good actress in the lead. She is going to ruin the character of Little Edie. So basically she put herself through isolation and starvation for nothing, because she sucks

I love the IFC channel and Sundance channel because whenever I'm up at 4AM or can't sleep cause the kid wanted to nurse all effing night, it will introduce me to incredible indie films and documentaries. That is how I came across Grey Gardens. If you have seen the film, imagine encountering it after 3 nights of no sleep and a colicky baby. You will feel like you just dropped acid and wandered into another world. For the unfortunate people who haven't seen the film it is a documentary film about two women, Edith "Big Edie" Ewing Bouvier Beale and her daughter Edith "Little Edie" Bouvier Beale, who were the aunt and first cousin of Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis. It follows them in the later years of their lives as they lived in isolation and squalor in a run-down 14 room mansion in Hamptons, New York. It's just one of those films where as you are watching what is in front of you, although it seems in your mind it just can't be real and you really want to look away, you cannot bring yourself to. The mother and daughter pair are exquisitely eccentric and although they seem a tad bit nutty you can't help but find them extremely charismatic. Like you could totally sit down with them and listen to them ramble and tell stories of their life and totally not realize that 4 hours had just passed by.
Although it isn't entirely tragically glamorous the whole time. It is in deed very sad as well. To see how these women went from a life of glamor, wealth, and status, to a life of complete seclusion and squalor is very intriguing. That is why it absolutely should not have been duplicated. First off it's a documentary so this was real fucking life! Not something that was made up from the minds of screen writers. This was them pure and simple. So to cast a bunch of actors to "remake" their little world is only going to bring the wrong kind of attention to this story. Barrymore is going to make a fool out of this once very profound and unique individual and that really boils my film-loving blood. Why oh why do they have to remake wonderful films? Are they seriously in that much of a demand for new material because I got about a hundred stories in my head that I'll be more then willing to supply Hollywood with.


Sylvia Rivera Law Project

The Sylvia Rivera Law Project (SRLP) works to guarantee that all people are free to self-determine their gender identity and expression, regardless of income or race, and without facing harassment, discrimination, or violence. SRLP is a collective organization founded on the understanding that gender self-determination is inextricably intertwined with racial, social and economic justice. Therefore, we seek to increase the political voice and visibility of low-income people of color who are transgender, intersex, or gender non-conforming. SRLP works to improve access to respectful and affirming social, health, and legal services for our communities. We believe that in order to create meaningful political participation and leadership, we must have access to basic means of survival and safety from violence.

I really love this organization because it is vital to society right now. Many people choose not to understand or accept people from the transgendered community and it's really a shame. Someone who is transgendered is just as human as you or I, and deserve the same legal rights and representation as everyone else. The reason that I love this project is because I am very much against transgendered prison inmates being subjected to disgusting and unfair placement and treatment in the prison system. Someone who is male to female should NOT be placed in general population to be abused and raped everyday. And they should also not be placed solely in 23 hour solitary confinement in order to protect them. Also they are usually not allowed to continue hormone treatment even though other inmates are allowed their prescribed medication. This can lead to serious health and mental complications. If you would like to learn more about the Transgendered community please visit The American Educational Gender Information Service. And please take the time to also visit the Sylvia Rivera Law Project Website.


Real Houswives of NYC tonight....a few words about this Kelly bitch

So for some odd reason this season they added a new "housewife" who also isn't really a housewife, and I don't really understand why she is there. Now I watch this show strictly for the cat fights, and I think she will bring many on, but I honestly can't stand the bitch.

First off, I don't know if she is applying self tanner, or has rosacia or what. But with her mixed-matched skin tone and her smile containing way too many teeth, her face bothers the shit outta me. No I'm not trying to be completely catty and shallow, but it's apparent that the chick is on massive amounts of cocaine or prozac or something, so her skittish facial gestures combined with her features is really hard to look at. It's obvious she was only a model because she is 8 feet tall, because she is no beauty. Now don't get me wrong, I think if she was beautiful on the inside (which she is not) I wouldn't even notice her facial distortions. I'm the type of person that can see a horrendously looking person as the most beautiful creature if they are good hearted and kind.
She claims to be as loyal as a golden comment. But I think it's completely just part of her act. You can only force giving a shit about other human beings so much before it becomes painfully obvious that you don't. My number one clue is her lack of eye contact when someone is talking to her or giving her their opinion. I have a major problem with people not looking at me when I am speaking to them, and it's even worse when their eyes dart around the room as I speak. It's like they could care less so much that their eyes can't even attempt to focus on the person who is talking to them about something that has nothing to do with them. Call me crazy, but it's just a weird little instinct of mine. One great example is when she was told that someone's daughter had arthritis and her reaction was "Oh thats cute!'. Ummmmm...obvious she wasn't even paying attention to what was being said to her right then, and she had just walked into the room! So, plain and simple, look at people in the eye when they are talking to you, whether you like what they are saying or not, it's just plain fucking rude not to!.....I hope the Countess puts that in her etiquette book.
Now the whole debacle that this Kelly bitch had with Bethany, although really entertaining, was completely ridiculous on her part. She only got mad at Bethany because Bethany saw right through the bitch and called her out on it. Some people get really defensive when they are proven wrong or told they are not the person they are attempting to portray to others. The chick's obvious infatuation with celebrities proves that she is narcissistic. Any chance that she gets to throw in "Oh that so and so celebrity is a really good friend of mine" she does it. And it's obvious she is doing it so other people will know she is somehow connected to the celebrity world. The term "good friend" isn't something that can be used loosely in my book, and I doubt that Russel Simmons gives her a call and asks her to go to Pink Berry with him or anything. Seriously, in this chick's world every celebrity she knows is her "good friend". Shut the fuck up already!
She also contradicts herself constantly, and Ramona pointed it out when Kelly invited her to see her good friend's architecture models and Ramona knew more about Kelly's good friend from Googleing him then Kelly did. So basically, this chick talks out of her ass, her smile is so contrived and annoying, and I'd really like her off of my TV soon. I honestly hope that she gets some community service for beating on her boyfriend, and I hope it consists of her being hooked up to electrical cables and being shocked every time bullshit comes out of her, wide as the Hoover Dam, mouth.

Oh and BTW, no matter how much of a fashionista you think you are, hot pink rubber rain boots do not look cute with a green dress. I'm sorry.


My favorite Causes..

Anytime you find yourself wanting to troll someone's blog or message board take a minute to breath, reflect, and think of others who are in a worse situation. Here are the links to some great organizations that need people to help in any way they can.

Aid for Aids of Nevada
Steet Teens - An organization for homeless youth
Wigs for Kids
Cleft Palete Foundation
Amnesty International USA - Human Trafficking
Women for Women International
National Organization for Women
People Against Rape


I shall flogg myself.

Got this lovely comment

Anonymous posted:
Feel free to delete this after you read it, in fact please do - it's just something I think you ought to think about. Do you really mean your profile to be as nasty and snide as it sounds? I got here from Alyssa's CVS Challenge page; I suppose the mommy bloggers there are the "conventional" and "completely annoying" moms you want to set yourself apart from. I'm not a mom at all but a starving grad student who likes getting stuff free, and I understand what you mean - nobody wants to have an image of herself as a diaper-buying mom and nothing else - but I find those ladies very helpful and they sound like nice ladies who are happy with their lives. I don't suppose they think of themselves as frumpy, soulless coupon clippers any more than you or I do. Your page makes you sound like a hipper-than-thou sourpuss who's ashamed of her life. Besides being just plain nasty. I highly recommend giving it a second thought, both out of kindness to others and respect for yourself.

To the coward who was so scared she posted as Anonymous,
Actually I meant for my profile to be whatever the holy hell I wanted it to be. I don't do anything, write anything, or create anything for the sake of making you or anybody else happy. I'm soooooo sick of the boo hoo'ing of commenter's on people's blogs. Seriously, because I find MANY mom bloggers to be annoying doesn't mean that I find ALL mom bloggers annoying, and if you want to generalize them in that way then that is your problem not mine. I'd LOVE for you to point out anywhere in my blog where I described ANYONE as (and YOU quote) "frumpy, soulless coupon clippers" (really funny BTW). I mean it sounds like you seem to be the one who has created that image in your mind, so please feel free to vent about it on your own blog. What I say on MY BLOG is my business and it comes from my own experiences, fears, and feelings of MY OWN life. Now you don't see me going on "I'm a whiny student who has no kids" blogs and complaining about what the fuck YOU do, do I? I'm not "hip" and I'm far from "ashamed" of my life. In fact, after reading your post I'm even more grateful that I'm not like YOU. I mean you are too scared to even post non-anonymously on the Internet for Jesus's sake.
Not that I need to defend something that is MINE, if I wanted to say that every single mom-blog was annoying then I would say that, and not frequent them. My blog is for MYSELF and MY FRIENDS who aren't annoying in the sense that you are annoying my dear. So since you want to make your point so well know, and maybe it will make your day a little brighter I will post your comment as well as my response as a post. And I leave you with the age old golden rule of the Internet. If you don't like what you see, go to another fucking site. Thank you!

P.S. You might want to try getting involved in some volunteer work or perhaps give all that wonderful energy into some well worthy causes. In case you weren't aware, there are a ton of more important problems in this world then worrying if a complete stranger FROM THE INTERNET offended some other complete strangers. If you'd like a list of organizations and charities that need support I would be more then happy to provide that for you. Sorry there are no "Protect the Mom-Blogs" societies that I have come across as of yet.


I Can't Believe I'm Still Single Season 2

So the long wait of many months finally came to an end for me when the season 2 premier of Eric (my mega mega infatuation) Schaeffer's show aired a couple nights ago, and my thoughts are a tad mixed. Don't get me wrong, I was totally happy to see my fantasy boyfriend on screen again, but I have a funny feeling that this season may not be as rewarding to my mind as the first one. And if this episode set the tone for the rest of the season, I may very well be disappointed. First off,

beside from the original "cast" of Eric, his producer Em (who is adorable and the one true voice of reason among the madness), and the camera man Stass, they added Eric's long loved friend from his drug injecting, whore-screwing days. So far, the dude is kind of obnoxious, and you can only have one attention loving personality in a compact space at once time or else your head starts to hurt. So I don't really know why they brought the dude in. If I find out that SHOtime thought Em and Stass were too boring or something I will boycott the channel. You could lock Eric Scheaffer in an empty closet by himself and you'd be entertained with what he comes up with.
So, his friend is supposedly there to help him along his voyage and "scope" out all the chicks he's supposed to go on dates with. Which brings me to my next point. For this season, Eric has picked out 10 lucky ladies from myspace that he will go on dates with throughout the trip in hopes of finding his future wife. Now I get that this is the whole objective of the show. But what I loved about last season was that not only was Eric looking for love, but he found so much more along the way during the road trip. In each episode he would encounter people from all across America and ask them their opinions on love and life, or to tell him their own personal love story. This is what I ADORED about the show. It was so incredibly sweet and charming to watch him take advice from complete strangers from different ends of the country and different kinds of communities. It not only taught me many different valuable lessons, but it also warmed my heart to hear all the many different stories about how couples met or how they have managed to stay together.
Throughout the season there were many epiphany-like moments that Eric seemed to encounter and it felt like you, the viewer, were going through them with him. That is why the show seemed more personal then anything else I'd ever seen on TV, and that is why there is a second season now. But if this season will solely be about him going on a new date every single week, then having booty-calls on the side, with no other substance in between, people are going to be really disappointed. I mean I'm not jumping the gun yet, because it was only the first episode, but I'm really crossing my fingers that the rest won't mirror the premier. During the episode he goes on a date with a chick named Wendy Ho, a performance artist who sings "fuck me" songs in a black person's voice. Granted, she seemed "kinda" funny at times, but totally not for Eric. And then at the end of the date she reveals that she has a boyfriend and swears that she told Eric all about it. Eric then acts crushed and we are left wondering if this bitch only agreed to the date so she could get some major publicity for herself, or if he just threw her in the mix of potential wives to give us something interesting to catch our eye the first season. After all, she does teach us what a poop noodle is, and I thought I had heard everything.
So, I'm really crossing fingers that this season doesn't bum me out with disappointment. I love being one of the few people who really get and love Mr. Schaeffer, and I want to keep it that way.


I don't care what Gawker says....I still love Eric Schaeffer

Before recently, I honestly didn't know who the hell Eric Schaeffer was. I remember watching "Starved" when it was still brilliantly on the air, and thinking that he was cute, but I was familiar with all that he had done before. I've even seen bits and pieces of "If Lucy Fell" when it would play on a loop on cable, and didn't even make the connection then. But one weekend last year I was bored, found nothing to be on TV, so I went to my trustee On Demand menu. That is where I found all episodes of Eric Shaeffer's docu/show "I Can't Believe I'm Still Single". After the very first few minutes I was enamored. Then realizing that this was the hot dude from "Starved" I settled myself into watching all 14 episodes straight through.
There was just something about this Eric dude that got to me. I must admit that at first it was mostly because he literally reminded me 100% of a man I had a long and gruelling relationship with years ago. Never in my life did I think I would ever witness or encounter anyone else like this guy. It was impossible! But there Eric was in full glory and neurosis. He truly is a character and it's really hard to describe in words the many different ways his personality pulls him. He is obsessive yet oddly grounded, sees beauty in everything and everyone yet is compulsive about his own looks, he is a yogist and spiritualist yet he's moving at a thousand miles a minute, and most of all he is so infatuated with finding a wife to love but can't seem to stop himself from doing things that push women quickly away.
The whole point of his show (well the 1st season) was to find love. He had written a book on his experiences with love and decided to go on a book tour while documenting his experiences with meeting women along the way. Throughout the entire season we get a really in dept look inside Eric. There are times when I'm not quite sure if this is really him or something he is putting on for the cameras. I mean he is an actor and an artist and they tend to be "on" when they should be being themselves. But if that was truly 100% real I would be existed just being him and living as him 24/7. He is constantly on the prowl using the mighty powers of the Internets social networking sites, talking to women (fans) who are interested in him. Grueling them with questions that literally catch them off guard and only going by his interesting little set of standards he had created for his search. The main criteria are that, first, they must be between the ages of like 23 and 35, because he wants to be able to have kids. Second, they cannot drink or smoke because I believe he is in recovery, and lastly they must be ready and willing to get married and start a family within 5 years. This seems to scare a lot of women, but I kind of agree with him. He is 45 and really has no time to waste on this shit so might as well get cracking. Also, the main theme of his show seems to be the topic of chemistry and instant connection. He says that if there isn't an instant spark between him and a women within the first like second of meeting then there is no point in continuing to pursue a relationship. True, he will still sleep with them in a second, but not consider them to be his future wife. A lot of people seemed to have had a problem with this and I don't really understand why. Chemistry between people exists for a reason. That is how the universe tells you that you have found someone to pair up with, if even for a short while, and continue experiencing life together. Sure you can meet someone you find attractive and nice, go on date, and maybe even marry them, but to have that fierce passion that you only find a couple times in life, there must be energy in the air between two people. Although it may not all still be there right now it was like that between me and my husband. In fact, it was like that with every guy (there aren't really many) that I've had relationships with. But with Paul it was absolutely instant. One true time that someone can say it was love at first site was when Paul and I met. I was 19 and he was completely not my type what so ever. I came to work for a company and he was supposed to be my manager. When he came to greet me in the entrance and I saw him for the first time there was literally a zap that went through me and I instantly knew right then and there that I was going to marry him and be with him for a long long time. I didn't know how it was going to happen, and he barely spoke two words to me, but I just knew we would end up together.
So I totally get Eric's ordeal. He wants that sensation and spark to occur right away when he finds his future wife, but I think that when you are anticipating it the way he is, it makes it hard to know when it's actually happening. Like you may be thinking, "OK is this it? This is it right?" because you want it to be there so bad. But I really commend him for not selling himself short. He knows what he wants, and knows that he isn't getting any younger/
But anyway, my whole point of this is that I swear if I were single I would do my damnest to date Eric Schaeffer. He literally will give a go to just about anyone and although he is semi-famous and actually pretty adored in the independent film circle, he will talk to and date regular people. He has even written me back on myspace before. But for all the people that dig his work and who he is, there are about a million more who hate him. They think he is a disgusting chauvinistic pig who uses women and goes through them like tissue. They think his fetishes are sick and wrong, and overall just think he is a complete tool. But to me, he is the type of guy I would completely and utterly want to be with. I have a thing for incredibly funny guys (not Paul) and more so for men who have deep philosophical insight and ideas. There are honestly a million things about Eric Schaeffer that scared me to witness because these were all things that I either had in common or sought after in guys. I am almost boarder line obsessed with the guy and maybe it is safer for him that I am married. I mean, in my hay day I was pretty good looking, and his standards when it comes to looks isn't exactly through the roof, so I'm pretty sure I could at least get him interested enough to take me on date or preferable to fly me to New York and make me his special vegan brownies. I honestly think I would probably like cyber stalk him and use all my charm until he gave in.
So I can't wait for the second season of his show to start tomorrow, and I'm really interested in seeing if he even comes remotely close to finding love. I'm honestly rooting for the guy, because it would really take a special certain kind of someone to be able to tolerate his madness. And if the universe lines up right one day, maybe I will divorce, find myself living in NYC, and dating Eric Schaeffer.