Basa Body review, Great products for a great cause!

I love love love to encounter companies that not only sell wonderful products but who use their platform and proceeds for a good cause. It's so important that when one finds success they remember to use it in order to do good for others as well as for themselves. No matter how you are doing in life you can always find a way to help someone else who needs it. The story behind Basa Body products is one that really needs to be heard. It's a company full of love and selflessness and I hope that I can spread the word about it to as many people as I can. In the company's own words this is how Basa Body began:

t began with a trip to Kenya where we connected with wonderful, intelligent women working hard to feed their families. We met with the women of Mombasa and visited the first small-scale coconut oil plant called Coast Coconut Farms where they produced pure organic coconut oil by hand. Determined to find a way to assist them in selling their oil and to help them grow their business, we came home and through the help of many good people, created Basa Body (named after the women of Mombasa). It is our hope that by sharing this natural healing lotion with their inspiring story, we can help lift these women of Africa out of poverty and help them become self-reliant. Basa not only purchases all our coconut oil from CCF, but we also donate back 10% of our profits to projects in Kenya to fight poverty."

The Coast Coconut Farm was created to lift rural poor out of poverty. This company’s mission is to provide sustainable employment, management and ownership opportunities for the rural people of Kenya, and eventually, across the globe. It has also provided employment for 100 Kenyan Families. Please read more about about Basa's Story here. Not only do these products help individuals in Kenya to achieve self reliance, but the products themselves are natural and earth friendly. There are many great health benefits of using Coconut Oil that I found interesting as well. You can also go to the Basa Body website and donate directly to these projects, and all proceeds go directly toward projects in Kenya. Basa Body is also developing a "Woman to Woman” direct sales model, with the idea that Basa Body is about women helping women. Basa Body “Mompreneurs” have an opportunity to sell Basa Body products, creating extra income for themselves, while creating employment and self-reliance for women in Kenya who are making the coconut oil by hand in the villages of Kenya." I know that I definitely will be involved in any way that Basa Body will allow me to be, because what this company is achieving is just so incredible and heart warming to me.
Now I also got a chance to sample and try these products out, and I must say that they, first of all, smell like absolute heaven. As soon as I opened the box the most delicious scent hit my nose. Its the perfect combination of a tropical and natural scent, and ladies you will love it. I first tried out the Basa Body stick, which is a natural coconut oil healing balm. Living in the desert my skin gets so dry and so I used it on my feet. Already they are becoming so smooth and soft so quickly. I also used it on this rash I've had on my arms for the past month now. Nothing would work before, not even hydro-cortisone, but I put the balm on it and it hasn't itched since! It can also be used to sooth irritated skin as well as diaper rash and chaffing! I know all the moms will agree with me that I love the idea of using something this natural on my daughter's skin.
The Cherry Chocolate & Mint Truffle soap smelled so good I could literally eat it. It's really like nothing I've smelled before and I love having a scent follow me around that not many are familiar with. It's nice to be different of course ;). Lastly, I tried the Natural Coconut Oil Lotion, which is free from parabens, artificial colors, and preservatives. My skin is sensitive so using something without harsh chemicals is important to me. This also smelled absolutely incredible in combination with the soap.
I loved reviewing Basa Body products, and honestly I would have posted about this company regardless of reviewing the products or not, because it is such a wonderful and important company. Each of my girlfriends and relatives will have to expect that all future gifts will be from Basa Body from now on!... hee hee. But I'm sure they won't mind once they learn what awesome work this company is doing as well as what a beautiful product they are creating. Please take the time to check out their website and perhaps even find something perfect in time for Mother's Day!