Whatever you may have thought of Michael,,,

If you have any respect for music as an art form, or music in general, or that the power of entertainment exists and can bring light and joy into life, then you realize what a loss this is. I'm not the type to indulge in the media-whoring that can occur when a celebrity dies (and believe me this is going to be a big one) but I am so completely shocked and saddened by this right now. I know everyone has their opinions (that may be negative most of the time) when it comes to Michael Jackson's life, but I honestly never believed that he hurt those kids in that way. I know it's off subject but I've always believed that he had the mind of a child. I mean it's all right in front of us. The poor guy didn't have a childhood at all. He had an abusive father that worked him to the bone before he even hit puberty, and he has been in the spot light ever since. He is literally the most famous music star in the ENTIRE world! I think he just so desperately wanted to have a child-hood that as an adult he recreated it, even by surrounding himself with children. I know many don't believe it, but I think those accuser's parents just wanted the money. Till the day I die I will never believe that someone who loved kids, helped kids, gave so much to kids, could hurt a kid in a way that was much worse then how he was hurt. And I don't care what anyone thinks of me for believing that.
Michael Jackson is a legend. He is up there with Elvis and The Beatles. He may not have made music lately but he still has the biggest following of all time. People would freaking pass out at his concerts and gather at his court-dates because they loved him so much. He changed the history of music as we know it and has inspired so many of the musicians we hear today. Just think of it (if you are a music lover). Just think about your life and your past in accordance with Michael Jackson's music. I remember being so little and being mesmerized by his music videos on MTV (when MTV was awesome). I remember looking forward to seeing what he was going to do next because even at a young age I knew he was something special. I remember Thriller scaring the shit outta me and my sister's playing the record to freak me out because the Vincent Price part was terrifying. I remember having the one silver glove, and seeing Captain Eo at Disney Land. And I remember dancing and singing my ass off every time one of his songs came on....and I still do that!
And don't get me started on his dance moves, because they are epic. NO ONE could or ever will be able to move the way he did. His creativity was a gift and a gift that he used well. He was a person not just a characature that we saw so many make fun of and imitate. He had a family, children, and fans who loved him. And his music has touched the world and almost every single person in it. And who the hell says what normal is anyway right? Michael Jackson leaves behind a life and legacy that can compare to no other and whatever he may have been suffering with lately no longer has to be endured. He will be missed.


News Around The Blogs said...

I wish I could write like you do, you said it perfectly!

Pam said...

I agree wholeheartedly with you. His public persona as of late was a little freakish and there is lots of speculation about what he did or did not do behind the gates of his ranch but he was a musical genius and that cannot ever be denied. I was totally shocked when I read that he died and honestly thought it was a hoax at first. The more I read about it or hear about it on TV, I really think I'm about to cry - I feel like my childhood is now officially gone too.

Cori Westphal said...

Very Very well said. Thanks for sharing your opinion and I have a feeling you are not alone!