Toddler Virtues Tees Review

I really love to feature products for kids that are really help to make a difference in their lives no matter how small or big. And Toddler Virtue Tees has really come up with a fantastic idea for their product. Each t-shirt has a different important virtue and definition in order to teach your children these incredibly vital ideas and lessons. I LOVE how Monika Hall, the Founder and President of Toddler Virtues, came up with the idea for these awesome shirts and I really want you guys to hear her story from her own words because they fully explain the importance of what she is trying to achieve with these t-shirts:

"I feel like I've 'danced like no body's watching' far before that phrase became popular. The picture to the right is of my son and I at a kid's concert (Ralph's World) last summer. It was here that my toddler virtue tee idea was born. As I looked around I noticed every child at the concert was wearing a tee shirt with a slogan or design on it. Whether it be spoiled, princess, high maintenance, little dude, a musician or whatever – this was the fad. At that moment it occurred to me that I had an opportunity to use this tee shirt craze as a platform to do some good by teaching toddler's virtues.

I feel that to make the world a better place, we need to start with our children. I propose that we bring back virtues. What if we instilled virtues like kindness, courage, tolerance, gratitude and patience into our toddlers? What if eventually these virtues became not only a word, but a way of life? What would happen if these virtuous toddlers became virtuous school aged children, young adults and our leaders of tomorrow? Maybe instead of seeing school shootings sprung by hatred, cowards for authority figures or wars arising from intolerance and impatience, we’ll see new and gracious generations make decisions based on respect and virtues. Just imagine what a world that would be!"

Her story kinda got me teary eyed. I mean we see those "diva, princess blah blah" shirts everywhere and I've always HATED them. I mean exactly what does that teach a 3 year old? That they are better then everyone else and should be treated that way? These Virtue T-shirts are a simple and fun way to teach your children important morals and Monika Hall also encourages everyone to participate in the Pass it On movement. This is where you can
pass hand-me-downs to siblings and order tees for toddler friends! Donate hand me downs to local shelters or soup kitchens. Buy new ones for kids who normally wouldn't be reached by these tees. I love this idea, and am already putting a little money aside so I can buy one for a child who normally wouldn't get a chance to have one themselves. And if you would like to do something similar and help Pass it On you can send your outgrown Virtue Tee back to the company and they will distribute it to a local homeless shelter or soup kitchen for you!!

Olivia was generously given the "Tolerance" shirt which is actually really fitting with what I want to instill in her throughout her life. My husband and I strive to be tolerant of everyone no matter who they are or what they choose to do and be in life. I support equal rights for everyone and after growing up a child who looked different then what was considered normal I really really encourage Olivia to always accept and love people no matter what and that we are all the same. I can't wait to teach this virtue to her! Virtue Toddler Tee's encourages parents to use these 5 steps with their Virtue Tee. 1. Read the Virtue to your child 2. Define and Explain the Virtue 3. Tell a story relaying the Virtue 4. Repeat when Tee is worn and 5. Pass It On!

These T-shirts are really something you going to enjoy having for your little one and would even make an awesome birthday present. And don't forget to check out the Mommy Virtues as well, because you never stop learning even when your are all grown up. Virtue Toddler Tees are not just a shirt to be worn, it's an entire lesson. And a lesson in something that your child will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

And now through the entire month of June my readers will get the chance to Buy one and get another one half off. After purchasing your two shirts simply e-mail Monika ( ) and let her know you are one of my readers and she will refund you the money! Take advantage of this offer while you can!