Homemade Beauty Regimines

Unless you are going to find an awesome deal at CVS for beauty and skin care products, now isn't really the time to be spending a ton of money on them. And you really don't have to if you think about it. I mean what did the women of ancient times do to keep beautiful? They certainly didn't have botox and Loreal that is for sure. And if you look at some of the women from around the world who have been using their own homemade products and natural ingredients for centuries, they are some of the most beautiful people I've ever seen. So I wanted to share the few homemade things that I have been using for a while that work absolutely great. First off I have been doing egg-white masks for about a year now and I find that it really works great to get some tightening in your skin. It's super easy and quick too. All you have to do it get some egg whites in a bowl, mix them up a little so they are a little frothy, and apply it to your skin like a mask. You can use your fingers or a brush or whatever you prefer. Then you leave it on for about 15 minutes. It will harden and feel weird, but once you rinse it off you can definitely see a change to your skin. It will seem tighter and glowing. And always make sure to use a good moisturizer afterward. Moisturizing is like the number one beauty secret in the history of women I swear. Egg white masks are ideal to use right before going to a special night out or something too. The second homemade beauty product I use is cucumber peels. Also very simple. Just peel a cucumber and place the peels all over your face. Just leave them on for 20 minutes while you lay or sit down watching TV or reading. Then when you remove them your skin will be very soft and also glowing. Now my third one is one that I think a lot of women use. Beer on your hair. Drench your hair in a can of beer, rinse, and voila! Instant shine.
I'd love to hear everyone else's natural beauty regimens if you have any. I really enjoy hearing about recipes passed down from grandmother to mother to daughter. Because let's face it beauty secrets shared between women is one of the funnest parts of being apart of the female race!