Remake of Grey Gardens = Blasphemy

OK first of all, they shouldn't have even made a remake of this movie in the first place. Apparently the status of "Cult Classic" has no merit anymore. It is a classic because of what it is, and it can never be duplicated. But if they absolutely have to ruin such a profound movie they could have at least placed a good actress in the lead. She is going to ruin the character of Little Edie. So basically she put herself through isolation and starvation for nothing, because she sucks

I love the IFC channel and Sundance channel because whenever I'm up at 4AM or can't sleep cause the kid wanted to nurse all effing night, it will introduce me to incredible indie films and documentaries. That is how I came across Grey Gardens. If you have seen the film, imagine encountering it after 3 nights of no sleep and a colicky baby. You will feel like you just dropped acid and wandered into another world. For the unfortunate people who haven't seen the film it is a documentary film about two women, Edith "Big Edie" Ewing Bouvier Beale and her daughter Edith "Little Edie" Bouvier Beale, who were the aunt and first cousin of Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis. It follows them in the later years of their lives as they lived in isolation and squalor in a run-down 14 room mansion in Hamptons, New York. It's just one of those films where as you are watching what is in front of you, although it seems in your mind it just can't be real and you really want to look away, you cannot bring yourself to. The mother and daughter pair are exquisitely eccentric and although they seem a tad bit nutty you can't help but find them extremely charismatic. Like you could totally sit down with them and listen to them ramble and tell stories of their life and totally not realize that 4 hours had just passed by.
Although it isn't entirely tragically glamorous the whole time. It is in deed very sad as well. To see how these women went from a life of glamor, wealth, and status, to a life of complete seclusion and squalor is very intriguing. That is why it absolutely should not have been duplicated. First off it's a documentary so this was real fucking life! Not something that was made up from the minds of screen writers. This was them pure and simple. So to cast a bunch of actors to "remake" their little world is only going to bring the wrong kind of attention to this story. Barrymore is going to make a fool out of this once very profound and unique individual and that really boils my film-loving blood. Why oh why do they have to remake wonderful films? Are they seriously in that much of a demand for new material because I got about a hundred stories in my head that I'll be more then willing to supply Hollywood with.