R.I.P Bea Arthur

As many of you have heard today, Miss Bea Arthur has passed away. Now everyone has their favorite Golden Girl and mine was always "Dorothy". She was smart-assed and sharp-tounged like no other character on TV, and facial expressions alone were enough to cut someone's stupidity to absolute shreds. The other reason this show and this character are close to my heart is because of my Great Aunt Nada. My Great Aunt practically raised me and I have very fond memories of staying at her retirement complex for the summers and watching Golden Girls at night while she fed me all kinds of goodies. She would crack up at Dorothy's one-liners and although I was too little to understand the dirty jokes I still enjoyed watching it with her. As I got older I started watching re-runs and really couldn't believe some of the stuff they were pulling back then. I mean some really dirty shit sometimes and it's funny that my Aunt let me watch it...lol. But seriously, the comedic and theatric world has really lost a very special talent tonight. Good-bye Dorothy....

And as you can tell from this clip I posted, she was a ground-breaker as well.


News Around The Blogs said...

Thx for posting this I didn't know about it. There is also another part to this clip (this was an episode I remember for some reason) that she says, Pour me another, I'm drinking for two"

LOL, but wrong, still funny

Sasha222 said...

Oh yeah I forgot about that! That is actually pretty damn funny.

Adaptable Kay said...

Omg!! Thank you for blogging about this!
I was so sad when I heard ='[
And the ironic thing is I was supposed to have a golden girls marathon tomorrow with one of my friends.
Now I'm going to watch it and its not going to be the same =/
R.I.P Bea.