I shall flogg myself.

Got this lovely comment today...lol

Anonymous posted:
Feel free to delete this after you read it, in fact please do - it's just something I think you ought to think about. Do you really mean your profile to be as nasty and snide as it sounds? I got here from Alyssa's CVS Challenge page; I suppose the mommy bloggers there are the "conventional" and "completely annoying" moms you want to set yourself apart from. I'm not a mom at all but a starving grad student who likes getting stuff free, and I understand what you mean - nobody wants to have an image of herself as a diaper-buying mom and nothing else - but I find those ladies very helpful and they sound like nice ladies who are happy with their lives. I don't suppose they think of themselves as frumpy, soulless coupon clippers any more than you or I do. Your page makes you sound like a hipper-than-thou sourpuss who's ashamed of her life. Besides being just plain nasty. I highly recommend giving it a second thought, both out of kindness to others and respect for yourself.

To the coward who was so scared she posted as Anonymous,
Actually I meant for my profile to be whatever the holy hell I wanted it to be. I don't do anything, write anything, or create anything for the sake of making you or anybody else happy. I'm soooooo sick of the boo hoo'ing of commenter's on people's blogs. Seriously, because I find MANY mom bloggers to be annoying doesn't mean that I find ALL mom bloggers annoying, and if you want to generalize them in that way then that is your problem not mine. I'd LOVE for you to point out anywhere in my blog where I described ANYONE as (and YOU quote) "frumpy, soulless coupon clippers" (really funny BTW). I mean it sounds like you seem to be the one who has created that image in your mind, so please feel free to vent about it on your own blog. What I say on MY BLOG is my business and it comes from my own experiences, fears, and feelings of MY OWN life. Now you don't see me going on "I'm a whiny student who has no kids" blogs and complaining about what the fuck YOU do, do I? I'm not "hip" and I'm far from "ashamed" of my life. In fact, after reading your post I'm even more grateful that I'm not like YOU. I mean you are too scared to even post non-anonymously on the Internet for Jesus's sake.
Not that I need to defend something that is MINE, if I wanted to say that every single mom-blog was annoying then I would say that, and not frequent them. My blog is for MYSELF and MY FRIENDS who aren't annoying in the sense that you are annoying my dear. So since you want to make your point so well know, and maybe it will make your day a little brighter I will post your comment as well as my response as a post. And I leave you with the age old golden rule of the Internet. If you don't like what you see, go to another fucking site. Thank you!

P.S. You might want to try getting involved in some volunteer work or perhaps give all that wonderful energy into some well worthy causes. In case you weren't aware, there are a ton of more important problems in this world then worrying if a complete stranger FROM THE INTERNET offended some other complete strangers. If you'd like a list of organizations and charities that need support I would be more then happy to provide that for you. Sorry there are no "Protect the Mom-Blogs" societies that I have come across as of yet.


Anonymous said...

You are right. You are free to think and blog however you want, but unfortunately, your response to her was uglier than anything she said. I know it doesn't matter to you. But I certainly won't be back.

Sasha222 said...

Dear troll....I mean same person who posted anonymous the first time,

Don't let the cyber door hit you where the good lord split you. You will not be missed.