You never know..

It's always interesting to me how certain things can happen that you never expected just cause of one random act or one random meeting of someone new. And I have the perfect example of how funny fate can be sometimes.
I've always been a comic book nerd. I was into anything from Spiderman to Johnny the Homicidal Maniac. And I also used to love drawing things I saw in comics as well. Never in my life could I draw something from my own mind, but I can basically draw almost any type of cartoonish/comic style picture you set in front of me. It's something both me and my sister can do. So I was always on the look out for cool art to basically copy for my own enjoyment of the hobby of drawing.
So one day I'm in the comic book store and I come across this comic book that had the most amazing drawings of these women characters I had ever seen. The art was absolutely amazing, and the coloring was so vivid and beautiful. It was called Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose. I had never heard of this book that was apparently created by one of the legends of Comic Books, Jim Balent. But I instantly fell in love with it. After a couple years of collecting the book and searching all around town and on ebay for hard to find back issues I came across Jim Balent's wife, Holly Golightly's myspace page. Holly is also his colorist and business partner, as well as an amazing artist herself. They have a pretty huge fan base for an independent comic, and are actually one of the most popular comics out there, with back issues being hard to find as well as their worth growing with every passing day. So when I messaged her on myspace to say I was a fan I didn't think she would respond. But she surprisingly did, and even wrote me a little comment back.
Months passed and to my surprise and happiness I recieved an e-mail from Jim Balent himself asking me if I wanted to appear in his comic-book as a drawn in character. I've seen him do this with random friends and fans and always thought, in the back of my head, how awesome it would be to be drawn into a book like that. Apparently, he was doing a special issue where a bunch of fans were going to be included in the story line. I was psyched! My sister Jesso took various pictures of my in fighting poses and I sent it to Jim.
When the issue finally came out it was soooooo awesome to see myself drawn fighting alongside to the main character of the book and a bunch of other awesome women who were fans. The issue was called The Witch Key, and we were The Witch Key girls! From that I ended up meeting and talking with all kinds of interesting girls who appeared in the comic. Girls from all over the country who were each unique in their own different ways. To this day I am still in awe when I stare at my poster and see a comic book character with such striking resemblance to myself!
And since then I have considered Holly and Jim to be great friends of mine. Now, from that another story evolves on how the chance of meeting one person can lead to so many other great and unecpected things to happen. To be continued......