Real Houswives of NYC tonight....a few words about this Kelly bitch

So for some odd reason this season they added a new "housewife" who also isn't really a housewife, and I don't really understand why she is there. Now I watch this show strictly for the cat fights, and I think she will bring many on, but I honestly can't stand the bitch.

First off, I don't know if she is applying self tanner, or has rosacia or what. But with her mixed-matched skin tone and her smile containing way too many teeth, her face bothers the shit outta me. No I'm not trying to be completely catty and shallow, but it's apparent that the chick is on massive amounts of cocaine or prozac or something, so her skittish facial gestures combined with her features is really hard to look at. It's obvious she was only a model because she is 8 feet tall, because she is no beauty. Now don't get me wrong, I think if she was beautiful on the inside (which she is not) I wouldn't even notice her facial distortions. I'm the type of person that can see a horrendously looking person as the most beautiful creature if they are good hearted and kind.
She claims to be as loyal as a golden comment. But I think it's completely just part of her act. You can only force giving a shit about other human beings so much before it becomes painfully obvious that you don't. My number one clue is her lack of eye contact when someone is talking to her or giving her their opinion. I have a major problem with people not looking at me when I am speaking to them, and it's even worse when their eyes dart around the room as I speak. It's like they could care less so much that their eyes can't even attempt to focus on the person who is talking to them about something that has nothing to do with them. Call me crazy, but it's just a weird little instinct of mine. One great example is when she was told that someone's daughter had arthritis and her reaction was "Oh thats cute!'. Ummmmm...obvious she wasn't even paying attention to what was being said to her right then, and she had just walked into the room! So, plain and simple, look at people in the eye when they are talking to you, whether you like what they are saying or not, it's just plain fucking rude not to!.....I hope the Countess puts that in her etiquette book.
Now the whole debacle that this Kelly bitch had with Bethany, although really entertaining, was completely ridiculous on her part. She only got mad at Bethany because Bethany saw right through the bitch and called her out on it. Some people get really defensive when they are proven wrong or told they are not the person they are attempting to portray to others. The chick's obvious infatuation with celebrities proves that she is narcissistic. Any chance that she gets to throw in "Oh that so and so celebrity is a really good friend of mine" she does it. And it's obvious she is doing it so other people will know she is somehow connected to the celebrity world. The term "good friend" isn't something that can be used loosely in my book, and I doubt that Russel Simmons gives her a call and asks her to go to Pink Berry with him or anything. Seriously, in this chick's world every celebrity she knows is her "good friend". Shut the fuck up already!
She also contradicts herself constantly, and Ramona pointed it out when Kelly invited her to see her good friend's architecture models and Ramona knew more about Kelly's good friend from Googleing him then Kelly did. So basically, this chick talks out of her ass, her smile is so contrived and annoying, and I'd really like her off of my TV soon. I honestly hope that she gets some community service for beating on her boyfriend, and I hope it consists of her being hooked up to electrical cables and being shocked every time bullshit comes out of her, wide as the Hoover Dam, mouth.

Oh and BTW, no matter how much of a fashionista you think you are, hot pink rubber rain boots do not look cute with a green dress. I'm sorry.