Pretty clouds? Or sign of Impending Doom?

Everyone who knows me knows that my greatest fear (besides something happening to my daughter, although this goes hand in hand) is living to see an apocalypse. I have literally had hundreds of dreams since I was a little kid about it occurring and there I am having to run through the streets from a mushroom cloud, or hide in the hills with a shotgun from looters. So you can see how this little swine flu occurrence is scaring the holy shit out of me. At first I didn't really freak out too much, because it would be mentioned here or there on the news. Then yesterday, after going to the Las Vegas Strip with my family...where there are tourist from all around the world and country....I turn on the news to see that it has spread and stuff. My heart started beating a little fast, and I started to feel a little bit of dread in my guts. I swear to god if this turns into the Superflu or something (I'm a huge fan of Stephen King) I don't know what I will do. I don't even want to leave the house. And I don't understand why they are letting people come from Mexico back into Las Vegas. Hello? The flu is in Mexico...why wouldn't you Quarantine it? Stupid government. And in all the movies the newscasters will say "It's OK. We aren't worried yet". And what always happens? BAM! The movie Outbreak is what happens. Samuel L Jackson was right when he said "I don't be diggin on no swine".


Adaptable Kay said...

My biggest fear is the whole resident evil thing.
I KNOW there is going to be someone stupid who lets go something and we will all turn to zombies.
Seriously, if not in our lifetime, then our kids.
Scares the heck outta me!

Sasha222 said...

Me too! I CANNOT watch movies like that! Freaks me out!