U.S of Tara part 2. I was right!

So I just watched the season finale of United States of Tara, and what do you know? I was right! Well half-way right at least. So Tara confronts her "rapist" from boarding school, where she thought her trauma of the rape incident is what caused her to "separate" into her different personalities, and discovered that it was actually "T" who took on the two dudes and not Tara at all. By the way, SUPER funny when "T" reminds the dude (and his wife) that after she was done with each guy the two jocks continued the sexcapade with each other.
Anyway, all this meaning that she had multiple personalities before boarding school, thus supporting my theory that her dad or mom caused her trauma and molested or abused her in some way!! OK so I guess I shouldn't be so excited for guessing right about some fictional character's supposed molestation...but hell...I don't have many things to get excited about in my little world.

Now on to looking forward to The Tudors and seeing my future new husband Eric Scheaffer every Sunday!