Toddlers and Tiaras

Now I have always loved those documentaries Discovery channel used to do on the crazy ass pageant moms and their "soon to be needing constant approval as an adult and will probably sleep with many men" daughters. And now there is an actual series on it every week. As much as I feel sorry for those little girls, and feel that they are being objectified and exploited, I cannot help but watch the fabulous drama of these mothers!
And can we talk about Pageant Dad please? Thanks. Ummmm ok, does anyone else notice that he is a homosexual or is it just me? His quote alone of "I can't change a tire but I can sew on rhinestones" is enough evidence for me. I don't really understand what kind of arrangement is going on in that marriage but something is definitely amiss in that household. Maybe the wife just thinks it's cheaper to keep up her husband's facade then it is to hire a pageant coach and make-up artist? Either way, she will be coming home to hubby and the daughter's dance coach making sweet love soon enough.