Reading about Dissociative identity disorder

I, like many people, have a habit of researching things that I am interested in. If I come across something that sparks my interest and I would like to know more about it, I of course, try to educate myself as best that I can. Just like everyone else I had a set idea in my mind about Dissociative identity disorder (or as it used to be called, Multiple Personality Disorder). I've read "Sybil", and have seen 'The Three Faces of Eve". Sybil really showed prime examples of the exact type of abuse that can cause DID to occur. But after reading stories from real people who have this condition and who have endured horrific trauma as children, I am starting to understand exactly why DID happens.
When children experience these types of abuses there innocent little minds do not, and can not, comprehend or endure them. So they separate from themselves to escape and create an alternate personality to replace them who can endure the trauma. That is just my simple way to define it, although it so much more complex then that. After reading some of the stories from people with DID it makes complete sense how this disorder creates itself in order to deal with what happened to them.
These survivors who have shared their stories and allowed me to hear them are some of the bravest souls I will probably ever encounter in my life. To keep going back to that "place" requires more strength then I think I could ever muster. No child should experience these kinds of things, and I will never for the life of me understand how a human being could perform these atrocious acts on a child. If ever I thought my childhood was hard I have been so so completely wrong. I am really really blessed and thankful that I've never had an adult treat me as if I was not alive like that, and that I haven't had to 'separate" because what I was enduring was so bad that my little soul would just shut down.
More and more I am seeing things that make me realize that all my complaints about life are such bullshit. I should thank "god" or whoever every single second for what I haven't had to experience and for what I have. My parents weren't perfect but I at least experienced love and nurturing. Right now I want to hold Olivia just a little bit tighter and closer and be so thankful that she gets hugged, kissed, and told she is loved 40 thousand times a day.
Those survivors are truly amazing people with such expressive and beautiful minds. And I wish that I could just wipe out all the bad people in this world. If I had one wish that is what it would be to do.