Mickey Rourke.....I love you

I know there has been tons of hype around this man as of late, because of The Wrestler. And it's well deserved because both he and the film are incredible. But I have been rooting for this guy ever since I discovered who he was. I remember I was watching Sin City and my husband was like "I think that's Mickey Rourke playing Marv". So I'm like, "who's Mickey Rourke?", and my ever eloquent film-loving husband says, "He's the dude that fucked the hell out of Denise from the Cosby Show, in a pool of pig's blood, in this movie I saw once". Oh! That Mickey Rourke.
I soon after saw him in the movie Domino, and fell in love with his "fuck you all" attitude. And then once I saw 9 1/2 weeks it was over for me. I would let him dominate me and throw money on me as I crawl on hands and needs in his luxury Manhattan apartment any day.
And yes, just like the rest of the world I find what has happened to his face to be unfortunate. I understand that some people do not age well, but to add plastic surgery on top of it doesn't make it any better. So whenever someone criticizes him for looking like Joan Rivers I have to stop them short and say, "hey fucker, he was once one hot piece of ass in his day!"
I would still give him a whirl, even now. He just seems like the type of guy that would take you on a night out on the town, get you really tossed and coked out, maybe slap you around a bit, and then wake up the next morning in a room full of hookers without him anywhere in sight. Yum!