Mommy.....I love the Misfits...

Everyone that knows me knows my love for the Misfits. As hard as it is to narrow down one band and call it your favorite, I can proudly say that they are my favorite. My first tattoo was a green fiend skull, and I absolutely love Glenn Danzig no matter how many videos on youtube there are of him getting knocked out with one punch.
So I find it really really amusing and adorable that my two year old daughter loves The Misfits like she does. Some might think that I of course pushed and forced the kid to love them just because I do, but that is so far from the truth. I mean this kid is into Elmo, Mickey Mouse, and Barbies so it's not like I'm bombarding her with horror punk 24/7. One day I was watching a Misfits video on youtube and she came and sat beside me and asked, "What's that mama?". I told her "It's The Misfits, but it's scary so go play with Daddy". But she wouldn't budge. I thought the skeleton dude would freak her out but she loved him, and when it was over she screamed "again!". She made me play that damn video 20 times that night. So I showed her a couple different ones so I wouldn't get completely sick of that one song, and she dug those even more. Then things started to click and she started recognizing the Misfits stuff I had around the apartment. Like my posters, pictures, and clothes. And she was like "wow!".
So now here I have a toddler who knows the lyrics to American Psycho, and Dig up Her Bones. I know people in my family are probably having a conniption fit about me letting her watch them, but I honestly don't care. I think it's great that she is exposed to different things at an early age. Life doesn't always have to only be about "The Wiggles" and "Little People" all the time. She genuinely loves music so much, so how can I deprive her of it?
I just think it's awesome that she is a little fiend!