WelFARE is not FARE

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not completely against welfare. (Especially because if it wasn't for food stamps my ass would have starved when I was pregnant and fresh out of rehab) But today I received a sad little tid-bit of information that Paul and I didn't appreciate very much at all.
So we go in to pay our rent (late rent mind you cause we are poor...but not poor enough to be on welfare), and as we are waiting for our receipt a lovely young lady in house shoes, half braided corn rows, and a mickey mouse t-shit comes strolling in screaming about how our manager charges her too much money for rent. "That shit is fucked up yo!", she screams at our sweet old manager. He then responds with "But you only pay 85 dollars a month ma'am".....
"Ummm...... what?" Paul and I almost fell to the floor. Then Paul kicked me for saying out loud, "Lady are you fucking kidding me?".
She then proceeded to scream and complain all the way out the door, which she slammed behind her. I was speechless after that. Especially when our manager tells us that this happens at least once a day and that Paul and I are only one of three people in the entire complex who actually pay over 700 dollars to live here. That didn't make me feel any better either.
Basically because Paul chooses to have a job we don't get welfare which would help our struggle. And because Paul chooses to have a job with great benefits we get the honor of paying every body else's rent and food while they sit on their stairs all day "kicking it" and blast their stereo system at 3 in the morning waking my baby up.
After I had Olivia and we were really struggling because I wanted to stay at home to raise my own child while exclusively nursing her so she wouldn't get sick every 2 months and so she could also be incredibly smart (and she is so fuck you), and I applied for food stamps (not a fucking welfare check or section 8, just some goddamn food stamps, I was DENIED because Paul made 35 dollars over the limit.....35 DOLLARS OVER THE LIMIT! And this isn't counting car insurance, electricity, clothes for Olivia (not us), gas, school loans, medical bills, etc. ....All because my husband has a job..
So now I told Paul "Fuck it! Let's milk the government too! Why not? We can sit on our ass's as they grow into the shape of our couches, let Olivia be raised by the neighborhood kids as we make 4 more babies (more hand-outs for us!) while the family downstairs, which consists of a Husband and Wife who work jobs that don't pay shit for salary, pay enough taxes to take care of all of us!!

Got to be better then this struggle right?