Proposition H8te

So tomorrow is the big nationwide protest against Prop 8. I'm going to try my hardest to go, but seeing as it wouldn't be too safe to bring Olivia with me, I'm not too sure I'm going to be able to. If I had someone to watch her that early there would be no question about it. But I feel so bad that I cannot attend a protest for something that I feel so strongly about. I always say that "you have no right to complain if you aren't willing to get up and do something about it".
But all this still makes me think about how this protest wouldn't even be taking place tomorrow if it weren't for the passing of this ridiculous prop. To this day it doesn't make sense to me why some people are so incredibly afraid of letting people be who they are. I just want to shake them and say "what do you care who someone loves?". They don't understand because their right to marry the person they love has never been taken away from them so they have no idea how that could feel. I'm not saying I can understand that pain myself either, because when I wanted to marry Paul I was able to just get up and do it with no questions asked. But even at that time I would think to myself, "what if I couldn't do this just because I was gay?" What if I was in the same situation I am in now but living with a woman for 7 years? (needing insurance but not being able to get it simply cause I was born a type of person whom some people do not want to accept.
I get that there are people who are against gay marriage because their bible taught them so. I totally understand that because they were probably taught these ridiculous things since birth and don't know any different. But what about the people who don't follow or believe that bible? Why should they be subjected to the same rules and laws of a religion they are not apart of? Even my very Mormon sister has come to realize the ridiculous role churches have played in the whole situation, and after having several very long talks with her has come to realize it isn't a choice at all.
It baffles me that one can believe that being gay is a choice in the first place. All you have to do is meet and befriend....scratch that, just talk to..... someone who is gay to understand that it is the farthest thing from a choice, and there are millions of people's stories to back this up. There are gay people who have been ridiculed their entire lives, and had violent acts made upon them because of who they are. Do you think that they honestly would have choose to have that happen? There are gay people who are attempting to live a lie as a straight person because their faith or their families wouldn't accept the way they were born, and everyday they are forced to live a tortured and miserable life simply because they cannot be who they really are. But then there are gay people who are completely happy and content with their lives, wouldn't want it any other way, and could never live any other way if they tried. There is absolutely NO DIFFERENCE between gay people and straight people other then who each group chooses to love. No difference at all.
There was a time when white people thought black people weren't even people at all, and didn't understand that the only difference between them was the color of their skin. I honestly believe that is where America is at today when it comes to gay people. It enrages me that ANYONE can take away someone's right to marry the person they love. Just as a straight person wouldn't want to be forced to marry someone of the same sex, why should gay people be expected to change and only have the right to marry someone of the opposite?
I honestly think that this country has come way too far to take such as step back as this one. Gay marriage isn't going to hurt anyone. All that bullshit propaganda that has been flying around about all the consequences that will follow if gay marriage is legal was only created to scare the ignorant into doing and believing what is desired by "The Right". And that is to discriminate against fellow human beings.
If this doesn't change then I will honestly lose hope in this country more then I already have.

Sorry I ramble when I'm enraged....