To Wean or Not to Wean....

So after doing a lot of research, reading, and talking to a lactationist, I've come to the conclusion that I am no longer in a hurry to completely wean Olivia. Turns out the benefits of nursing a toddler are HUGE! And not only beneficial to her but beneficial to me (less chance of getting almost every cancer there is). There is literally a laundry list put out by the World health Organization as to why nursing past one is the best thing for your kid, and I've already seen so many positive outcomes in Olivia (she is NEVER sick and is smarter then the average 19 mth old).
Yes, it's a pain in the ass sometimes, and I have insecurities about what people think and say if they see or know I'm still nursing. But I figure .....when the fuck have I ever cared what people thought before? Why should I start now?
So since this is the most un-selfish thing I've ever done in my whole life I've decided I might as well stick to it. Her health is more important then my comfort.

A good article on extended breastfeeding for any future mothers wanting info..