First Post!

OK so this is my first official posting! Guess I should update, for those who come across this, how my life has been going. Well, most importantly I have a 19 month old daughter named Olivia Christina. She is the most interesting, wonderful, smart, creative, and beautiful creature ever made. And when I look at her I'm still in awe that Paul and I could have created such a fascinating creature. I know it sounds corny, but it's the truth. As hard as it's been to take care of a baby when I mostly still feel like a baby myself, this period in her life makes it all worth it. This age is so much fun to witness. Seeing her curiosity, her understanding of the things around her, and how she is now starting to copy things that we do, makes all the hardships worth it. Every night that me, Paul, and Olivia sit on the floor and laugh and play brings me more happiness then anything ever could. I was going through some really incredibly hard and horrendous things before Olivia came along, and I wasn't living my life in any type of respectable way. But she has changed that. And everyday she pushes me to do better. I'm definitely not a perfect mom, as I'm sure you'll see from future posts. But she is happy, loved, and healthy; and that is all that matters!
Paul and I just celebrated our first marriage anniversary yesterday, which was pretty cool. Before we got married we had been living together for about 6 years, so getting married didn't feel much different. In fact, if it weren't for the fact that I needed his insurance benefits we wouldn't have gotten married at all. I honestly wanted to wait until ALL human beings have the right to marriage before I did it myself.
Well that is all for now since Olivia is screaming "Boobies! pleeeeeese!",which is my cue to go. More on that one in a future post to come!


Hugs for Hailey said...

I will put your first comment! I like your background, you write so much better than I do, your more detailed which I try to be.
Olivia is one of the smartest little kids I know, your doing a great job with her. If you could just get her to not yell BOOBIES in public...