You never know Part II

So as mentioned in my previous post I had become friends with two of my favorite comic book artists by a chance meeting. What happened next was something I never in a million years would expect.
There is a major comic book convention every year called Comic-Con, and it's in San Diego. Fans, artists, and collectors all gather to do comic book related stuff such as buy issues, check out up coming creations, and most importantly meet artists. Now, I have been a fan of The Misfits since I was a kid basically. I am absolutely obsessed with Glenn Danzig and everything about him. And I honestly believe he is a legend of rock and roll and needs to be acknowledged as such. He has the most amazing voice on earth, an incredible imagination. and I just could go on and on about why I love him so I'll stop there. Importantly though, is that Mr. Glenn Danzig is and always has been a comic book nerd too. Which I find fascinating and beautiful since he's got this whole Satan Worshipping persona going on and he sings about the "dark side" and all that, and yet you can find him reading an issue of Wolverine quietly backstage before a performance instead of getting wasted and banging groupies.
But anyway, back before I had actually gotten to know Jim and Holly I remember seeing a picture in the back of a Tarot issue where Holly is sitting with Glenn Danzig at comic con. I also had seen similar pictures on her myspace, and I would always proclaim my jealousy to her and Jim for getting the chance to meet him. Even in the issue in which I appear Jim had made mention of my love for Danzig. So, they knew my obsession. I had even planned on going to comic con knowing he would be there so I could meet him.
Of course motherhood sometimes prevents us from doing the things that we would love to do no matter how inconvenient and expensive it may be, and thus I wasn't able to go to Comic Con this year. I jokingly told Holly to get me Danzig's autograph, and to my surprise she told me "She already had it in mind". My god! How awesome would that be, and how incredibly cool are these people who I've never even met in real life to even try to do something like that for me? I kept my fingers crossed and I prayed.
And what do you know? Several days after comic con Holly sends me this picture I have posted here of my hero, my idol, and my dream lover. And he is holding up MY picture in the comic book with his autograph across it. I literally almost died and threw up and peed my pants at the same time. I had so much joy in me I started to cry. Anyone who knows me will understand how utterly awesome and incredible this gift is to me. I've vowed that I wouldn't die until I had either his autograph or had met him in person. I honestly still can't believe it as I currently stare at it framed on my wall right now as I type this.
I didn't just cry cause I was so excited and happy to have this treasure of mine. I was crying cause of the mere fact that Jim and Holly would do something so incredibly kind for little old me. I mean it's not like Danzig is this bored celebrity with nothing to do. He is a freaking god in the punk rock world. And they went out of their way to find him, tell him about me, and get him to sign my picture. Love just overflowed in my heart. And I honestly hope I can one day make someone else as happy as they did me from doing an act of kindness.
And it just goes to show that you never know what is going to connect you to one thing from another. Or what random meeting can change your future outcome. By chance, I had come across that comic book one afternoon, talked to Holly on myspace, and appeared in an issue. Which all lead to me getting something that I have wanted more then any other physical object in the entire world. Now I can finally say that I have a "most prized possession".