R.I.P you beautiful dark Adonis.

This is a post that I wrote a long time ago, but after hearing this morning's incredibly horrible, fucked up news I felt I'd post it again. I'm still in complete shock and trying to shake off this feeling of sadness. This man and his music had a huge spot in my soul. I can only hope that that one of a kind, hypnotizing voice of his will live on forever and more and more people will now become familiar with his music......отдых в мире Peter

I always love telling this story, although I never get a chance to because I hate bragging of any sort and I always think people don't want to hear me talk about myself simply because I don't want to hear them do it. But it was such a special, cool, and memorial night in my adolescence that I feel I should share it with the two people who actually read my blog...lol
So when I was about 16 years old I went to see Type O Negative with my two friends Meghan and Christina. They were both die hard Type O fans as well, especially Christina. So we arrive at the House of Blues super early so we can get right in the front row, which we did. This was the first time I'd ever seen Type O in concert so I had no idea what I was in for. And when Peter Steel came out in all his 6'6 glory I was floored. He was the hugest man I'd ever seen with long black hair, chiseled features, and a voice that could literally blow the bass of your speakers out. We had a blast being so close to the stage, and we sang every word to every song as loud as we possibly could. When the concert was over we headed toward the door and my beautiful friend Christina was stopped by the band's roadie/bouncer dude. He then hands her 3 passes, tells her to give the other two to her friends, and come upstairs. I don't think anybody could or will ever scream as loud as we did right then.
So gripping onto our passes (which I still have) as if they were our first born children, we entered the elevator going upstairs to the "V.I.P" room. Just the feeling of being let through into the elevators by security alone was enough to satisfy our teenage hearts for the rest of our adolescence. As we entered into this new world we saw all the other opening bands, beautiful groupies that we had only seen the likes of before in magazines and rock videos, as well as various roadies, managers, and other band members from Type O Negative. Mind you, we are the youngest ones there, and we are no where near dressed like these other chicks. They were clad in leather and corsets from head to toe, topped off with "fuck me boots" like I've never seen. The three of us were in baggy pants, bandannas, and wife beaters. We stood out like a sore thumb and had no idea how to act or what to do with ourselves. So we sat on a couch being completely silent watching the craziness around us. Then suddenly we heard a commotion and saw that Peter Steel was walking into the room. All the hip people started to mob him, the chicks were all over him, and people were asking him questions left and right. He looked super annoyed and tired and as quickly as he came he started to leave. Before we could even compute that he had walked into the same room as us, he turned around as he had one foot in the elevator to go, looked right at me and my friends and said, "well.....are you coming or not?". I swear it's like something had to take over our little bodies for us at that moment or else we wouldn't have moved. We felt like Robots, getting up in sync with each other and following him into the elevator.
He didn't say a word the entire way up, and I literally felt like a little person being 5 foot 2 and standing next to this beautiful Polish giant. We then follow him into his dressing room, which was so hip and cool to us. I mean it was the House of Blues. Who knows how many awesome musicians had been in that room? For some reason there were already 3 stripper whore chicks waiting in there. I have no idea what or who they were there for because Peter acted as if they were ghosts and didn't even acknowledge their presence. So he sits down on one couch and offers us a seat on the other one. It's completely silent except for the giggles and hiccups of the drunk strippers sitting next to him. Without saying a word he begins to take his shoes off, then his socks, and starts picking at his feet. My friends and I have absolutely no idea what the holy fuck to say to this guy. It was so surreal and amazing. So we literally just sat and watched him pick at his massive feet. So the stripper whores decide to take it upon themselves to actually speak to Peter and start asking him stupid questions like how many pets he had or some shit. And all he responds with is "I just want quiet....I just want quiet", and rubs his aching head. To this day, I believe he chose us to sit with him in his dressing room simply because we were three young, silent girls. He never made any type of passes at us, and he only offered us vodka (his favorite drink) once and then realized how old we were and never asked again. Which is all very weird, because he is known for his overt sexuality (even posing nude in playgirl), so now that I think about it, maybe he was willing to take advantage of us all along.......SWEET! So we sat there and watched this mysterious, amazing, and talented man pick his feet, and mutter once or twice how much he desired silence, for about 2 hours or so. If it weren't for the fact that we were 16, it being a school night, and my friend's mom waiting to pick us up, we probably would have stayed in that magical place forever. When it was time to go he was so incredibly sweet to us, giving us autographs hugs. I swear that hug felt as if I was being cradled in the arms of the Dark Lord or something. Like if he were to never have let go I would have been lost in some mystical world of leather, black hair dye, and vodka.
The next day at school we, of course, wouldn't shut the fuck up about it, and we didn't care. To this day every time I hear Type O, or hear their named mentioned a little twinge of happiness fills me up. I will always remember our little adventure on that wonderful night. Life is meant to be full of various moments just like that, and I am so grateful that I at least got one for my books!

By the way, if you ever decide to Google "Peter Steele in Play Girl Magazine Picture" you are in for a HUGE treat....lol