Uganda's Invisible Children

If any of you watch and love Oprah like I do then you saw the episode this past week where she mentioned Uganda's Invisible children. This isn't the first time this horrendous situation was mentioned on her show, and I'm really glad that someone like her (who millions of people listen to) is smart enough and compassionate enough to use her voice to talk about things like this. The first time I watched the documentary I honestly couldn't believe it. Of course horrible things happen to children all around the world everyday, and all of us feel empathy and sorrow for what goes on. But this is truly something that could very well have an end put to it soon if enough people get involved to stop this. So please visit the Invisible children website, watch the documentary, learn about children in Uganda who are being forced to be child soldiers, and about those children who have to be locked in cages at night so they aren't stolen. Seriously, it doesn't take long to just learn about what you can do to help and where to go to voice your concern.